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Tips Missions - Suggestions


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Currently, I enjoy doing tips missions for two reasons:

They're a nice change of pace from radios,  have other villain groups,  and have more interesting maps and mechanics.

They typically can be done in the same zone.  Typically.  I usually do mine in AP due to the smaller zone size.



1.   There are a small number of these missions that require you to go to other zones.  Like the rescue the heroes of the Isles for example, which makes you go to IP to use the helicopter for transport.

Idea:  Make sure every zone has a police van.  I think most already do.  Use the police truck for transport as an alternative to going to another zone.


2.  Expand the AE mission creator to allow all of the mechanics and maps that are used in the current tips mission.   Allow content creators to submit their missions for consideration as new tips missions in the game.

While I enjoy the missions,  after a while you have done everything and they get stale.


3.   There appears to be a timeout on doing any more tips missions until the next day, when you finish the final alignment mission.   I assume to stop farming for merits.   Allow us to continue doing them, but just don't move the progress meter until the next day ( provide some info message stating this on mission completion ).


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