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Ouroboros badges


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   Recently I decided to get some of the Oro arc badges, and noticed that the way the award is given may not be entirely logical, and it is bugged as well.


   Lets deal with the bug first:


   I did a 16-19 Flashback with no temp powers (Curtailed); when I completed it, I received no badge. After trying it a few times, and doing other arcs and no luck; I finally submitted a ticket, and later documentation showing screen captures of what I did. Eventually the GM told me, that some arcs in the various Flashback groupings (1-15, 16-19, etc) were doable at lower levels and thus no badge was awarded. I had to do more arcs till finally I hit the jackpot.


I believe this is a bug, and should be fixed, so if you open a flashback within a grouping, and meet the criteria, you get the badge, regardless if it was doable at a lower level. Or mark the flashbacks that are badge wise duds.


Now to the central issue:

There are power limitations you can choose such as no travel, no temps, and only AT powers.


To get the badge, you must do 3 arcs with each of the handicaps to get the handicap badges, at a glance it only seems right. But wait, pay closer attention!


If I chose only AT powers, I already gave up temp powers and travel!


While if I choose no travel, I still get to use the temp powers less travel ones; and if no temps, I get to use travel powers.


If I feel my alt is to weak to do AT only, I can see doing the less restrictive handicaps and getting the building my way up to badges.


That said, if I do the AT only, I should by default get the lesser badges, this would only make sense.


Is it possible to "fix" the Ouroboros Badge giving system to recognize the fact that the toughest level of a handicap was achieved and thus the lesser are also awarded.


A real life example is with aircraft, their are awards for fastest, flying highest, carrying a standard payload for instance. If a jet flies the highest ever, and the fastest, and carried a bomb of the designated weight; in real world they get all 3 trophies for the 1 flight, and not forced to make 1 flight per trophie.













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