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Several Superior Mark of Supremacy will not slot

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Created and leveled a MM to 50 to test out a build, among other things.  Found that not all of the Several Superior Mark of Supremacy  set pieces will slot, in anything.  When you click on them, nothing will light up to show it can be slotted there. 


The following will not slot: 




End/Pet +Resist/+Regen


The only ones that do are:




I searched, but didn't find any report.


😎 Eric the Grey

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it's been a couple months since i made a mastermind but back then they slotted just fine in pet powers. Of which I only slot for the recharge bonuses in a few powers. Sounds like you have the non superior version slotted somewhere and despite mids hero designer letting you do this the actual game will not. the 6 pieces from the set are unique and you can mix and match them but can only use one of each enhancement. Meaning you can't use both acc/dam superior and rare version; you can only use one or the other.

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