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  1. Without much ado - one more for the album. ::: Fiery Aura/Ice Melee Tanker ::: Solo 54/8 MoITF, no Insps, no Temps/Amps, Enemies buffed
  2. It is actually perfect for the purpose. /Shield on Tankers can have almost as high DDR as /SR without having to rely on Ageless Radial. Against All Odds works against both: buffed enemies and debuffed self. On top of that you get +Res across the board and +MaxHP.
  3. I just was tempted to open a thread called The Tank Derps. Started the ITF challenge with a Fire/Ice tank and was kinda irritated that I got in serious trouble (eventually dying) at the first Shadow Cyst already. Turned out that I forgot to catalyze 2 Winter-Os and therefore ran with only 70% slow resistance. :em facepalm:
  4. EDit: Seems like you posted the build while I was typing, so some of the general advice may not apply to your specific choice anymore. Welcome to the hardest AT in the game. Not because it is weak (anything but that) but you have a buffet full of options and have to make up your mind. Telekinetic Blast has far higher DPA (that's Dmg/Activation TIme) but requires a KB>KD IO in case you're planning to build a melee Fortunata and don't feel like continually chasing your targets across the room Reaching normal softcaps is no problem without relying on Weave, but considering the low Defense Debuff Reduction of Fortunatas, you might wanna build for some buffer. Also, while the normal softcap can carry you a long way, it leaves a big hole in incarnate content (>higher softcap of 59%) and that's something you would want to adress, in case you're planning on soloing that type of content without constantly stocking up on insps. With Widow's low HP base it is inefficient to build for +MaxHP and more effective to build for +Res instead. Regarding sacrifices: Soldiers of Arachnos in general are a multi-AT-buffet in my book. The ATs/branches offer a variety of options and possible play styles, and you have to pick the one(s) you like. Picking them all leaves you very versatile in theory, but also very fragile in praxis. Highest DPA ranged attack you can get for Widows. Causes redraw though. The answer will be in your planned build. If you're planning a ranged Fortunata (which already encompasses several build and play styles) Dart Burst makes sense. If you're planning for a melee Fortunata though, why wasting time with jumping in and out of a fight constantly to apply that one attack (yes, yes I know it looks cool..)? At the end of your nuke and Spin the thing that still stands are bosses, not masses. The purple set's proc is powerful there. Other than that it depends on what bonuses you want to build for and if you're planning to build a Tank fortunata, relying on controls instead of Taunt effects to manage aggro for your team. By alternating Aura of Confusion, Total Domination and Psychic Wail you can rival the better Controller sets. AoC is by no means a mandatory power, but a powerful one, for a melee Fortunata. Any long recharge powers. Widow melee attacks are so fast animating, that you may find it difficult to maintain a good attack chain when overproccing, because you had to add further attacks to fill the gap (power & slot costs) and the endurance costs of melee Fortunatas are steep. What you mean is, if you can prevent running out of breath too fast, I assume. Yes, you can. Heavy EndRedux slotting in the attacks. What holds true for Aura of Confusion holds true for Total Domination. Pick it if you like - or not. Both powers have a high chance to overcome even bosses, when slotted with an appropriate proc. Mass mezzes are active mitigation. One proc is passive and can go anywhere. The other one again is active mitigation, and since minions and often LTs don't have a high life expectancy against a damage oriented Fortunata my advice would be to put it in a single target attack that you would use against hard targets. A buffed up L54 Romulus Nictus can literally one-shot you.
  5. I'd like to point out that this reaction is directed at the devs, whoever that may be in this case, not at @Jimmy. Cast time reduction is a reasonable change, considering Bone Smasher being useless in comparison before. -Regen and -Special have absolutely no business in melee or armor sets whatsoever. I thought Bio and Radiation Armor made that very clear already. And now you want to create the opportunity to combine EM with the aforementioned power sets? There already is a power in the set, called Total Focus, that screams ME! ME! ME! as an additional AoE candidate loud, clearly and desperately. It even has a fitting animation, but instead of using it out of nowhere a new power appears, taking away the synergy between Stun and other powers (yes, some players used that) and shoehorning every EM player into the New & Improved (not) Total Focus instead. A quick animation for Stun would have worked wonders to neutralize nasty debuffers in high levels. Cast time reduction was overdue, but now everybody better pick that power OR ELSE. What EM used to be, and what I personally want it to be, is the single target Hammer of the Gods. If I use that power as a Stalker or Scrapper, I want it to Crit. Period. I do NOT want it to reenergize my smartphone, bind my shoe laces or buy me dinner. The practice of denying the light melee classes their due crit damage with high tier attacks was and is ridiculous, unjustified and literally prevents player from playing the sets. Give Total Focus the same treatment as Electrical Melee's Thunder Strike, full Crit ability on the main target and let it prepare enemies (with a fancy Energy Focus ring, if need be) for Whirling Hands. Done. Under no circumstances shoehorn players into picking and using a specific attack just because you liked your own ideas so much. I always considered the HP cost a quirky idea that some Dev didn't want to let go and nobody else really cared, because they just wanted to justify the name. It adds nothing to the flavor of the set. What DID add to the flavor of the set was its single target focus and the crisp sounds and look. Again, all I care about is that the power hits like Judgement Day and crits on Scrappers and Stalkers they way it should. Considering PPM mechanics, particularly with regard to ATO procs (EM doesn't lend itself for dmg proccing well), I would prefer Energy Transfer and Total Focus at a base recharge of 16-18 seconds for better, more diverse, attack chain options. Not every set has to have a PBAoE and a cone. Not every set needs combos, and not every set needs to feel the same. Synergies are nice, but practically forcing players into build styles and attack chains is bad practice. Also: generally NO -Regen -Special and whatnot for armor classes. From a balance point of view releasing /Bio and /Rad Armors in their current form was not less a mistake than releasing Titan Weapons. The ONLY exception I could see at all is using those effects to update Fiery Melee without significantly increasing its base damage. I'm not thrilled.
  6. In general Tankers have mag 12.98 mez protection, while other ATs except EAT Dwarves have mag 10.38* or less. There are a couple of things in range of Romulus Nictus that can stun though, like Cyclopes, Warwolves and 5th Column 'Fists'. To my best knowledge none of the other Nictus Essences nor the spawned Unbound Nictuses are able to stun with regular attacks. I don't remember which ATs were stunned, and frankly don't feel like sifting through the whole thread to find out.
  7. Fast-tracked to M4 with a res based toon today to double-check: Romulus Nictus' Sunless Mire buff hits multiple hostile targets and stacks the buff accordingly. (+5% To Hit, +12.5% Dmg per target hit) The Nictus Essence's Sunless Mire uses the same numbers, has a much shorter duration, stacks with itself (for a second or two) but is an area buff to friendly targets. So, if you intend to prepare for that fight by summoning Lore pets, you might want to reconsider, because what you probably do is feeding Rommie's Sunless Mire. Some screenshots with numbers: 1. normal buff situation against a single target 2. proof that Nictus Essence's buff stacks (for a second or two) 3. proof that Romulus Nictus' buff hits multiple targets
  8. Romulus Nictus (M4) has additional attacks incl. Sunless Mire. It's easy to spot, but if it connects you should get out of range until it wears off. One of the Nictus Essences, the one that is autohitting, buffs Rommie too, iirc. With 'enemies buffed' setting a L54 Romulus (M3) hits for over 2100 pts with Hack and I don't know exactly how much bonus dmg Romulus Nictus' (M4) version of Sunless Mire provides but with the challenge settings every point is one point too many :P. His attacks are also split up between lethal and negative damage, in case that matters for your armor set, and 2 damage types circumvent the one-shot protection, iirc. 4800 pts sounds like full, or almost full crit damage though, and since you mentioned that it happened right after killing a Nictus you probably got stunned by the Nictus' Death Throw. The stun magnitude can overcome most mez protections that aren't stacked. Even if the stun only lasts for a few seconds, due to high stun resistance, it still suprresses the effect of your armor toggles during that time. Your combat log could probably tell you more. As a rule of thumb, unless you're really sure about the numbers, I'd say: if Sunless Mire connects or if Romulus or a Nictus Essence dies get out of range and stay out of range til the Mire wore off or the Death Throw stun is over and you checked your toggles.
  9. After 5 or 6 attempts with my MA/SR scrapper (the last one ended by Romulus (M3) with a Hack/Push Back combo that leaves literally no time to react and dishes out about 4400dmg before resistance) I needed some motivation and took a stroll with my SR/Fire tank instead. A world of difference. Not using a high-damage set his solo-DPS is just barely enough to kill Romulus Nictus, but it takes forever. Therefore I relied on NPCs to beef up DPS, so clearing the battlefields was mandatory. Unfortunately that made me finish with but an insignificant time, but at least it was safe and comfortable. MoITF 54/8, no Insps, no Amplifiers, Enemies buffed
  10. Reunion. I did all of the above except for the salt and now it's day again. Tested several zones and life is bright.
  11. I patched, re-validated (I always do after patches) was idling in AP and FOunders and it was darkitydark and stayed darkitydark. Gonna reboot, re-validate, shake my PC, throw salt over my left shoulder and will try again later. Thanks
  12. Where is my daylight. You promised daylight. Halloween is ONE day, not one MONTH. If I want eternal darkness I watch news.
  13. Maybe the people you know could post a few screenshots of their successful runs. Preferrably incl. sufficient screenshots for every mission to leave no doubts. Also I'm sure everyone would appreciate a few pointers how to pull this challenge off faster without cheating (which there are numerous ways to do).
  14. All global bonuses carry over, as well as any temporary effects from click powers or procs, provided that the proc's effect is not cancelled by the power it is slotted in being detoggled. So a FF: +Recharge effect from a human attack or a Numina: +Regen/+Recovery effect from a click healing power will carry over, but the stealth bonus from a +Stealth IO in Sprint won't.
  15. All damage numbers of that build are assuming the 'stealth strike' bonus as long as you look at them with Shinobi-Iri active. Untoggle Shinobi-Iri and you have more realistic numbers. (Follow Up could be stacked though)
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