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  1. That sounds like DDR is the decisive factor in this context, which it isn't. In case of the ITF it is just one factor, on par with active mitigation or range. In an environment where being insta-killed is a possible and challenge-ending option for every AT it is Resistances and Max HP that carry a toon in the long run. I beat the challenge with a non-hover blaster using Taser and toe-bombing Trip Mines and none of the tight spots would have played out differently with any amount of DDR for me. On the other hand I bet the first challenge (without Players Debuffed) with an SR/ Tanker and all that DDR didn't prevent double- or even triple-hits that, without sufficient Max HP and Resistances, would have killed me before I could have reacted.
  2. Enemies buffed: Accuracy, Damage, Status Resistance ( excl. KB, Terrorize) x1.5 Players debuffed: Accuracy, Damage -0.5, Status Resistance ( excl. KB, Terrorize) +1.0 Shield's sustainable DDR is only second to Super Reflexes. Its taunt toggle counters the player's Damage debuff and in combination with Shield's +HP and +Res it counters the enemies' Damage buff. I don't think any armor set is better suited for this challenge. On top of that, though irrelevant on an ITF, its mez protection counters one of the game's two major idiot cards - Terrorize. I've completed the challenge on a Fire/ Tanker and Rad/ is sturdier than Fire/.
  3. No, it's not, but what you are describing is an FPS, not an oldschool MMORPG. If an animation/rooting time of 1-2 seconds is too long for you you're playing the wrong game, maybe even the wrong genre. (I'm not familiar with current MMORPGs)
  4. post deleted, brainfart, nothing to see here Oh look, a squirrel!
  5. That's correct. And for those (like myself) who have a memory like a sieve: Heal, Aura, Spawn - Rommie HAS Nictus. 😉
  6. With your current build Hasten does not help your ST damage and is unremarkable for AoE, only Serum benefits from it in any significant way. I think there are more useful ways to spend that power pick, let alone pool pick.
  7. Base tohit chance against +3s is 48%, and Cimerorans, Phalanx Fighting and Shout of Command, which provides not only mez protection, but DDR and up to 15% +Def to all typed damage but psi. Looking at the Attack Mechanics shows that those 15% +Def directly oppose the base tohit chance, so I just assume 48% - 15% = 33% as my base tohit right away and go from there in Mids. For comparison: the (stacking! goddamnit..) Protection Shields, buffed by Rikti Guardians
  8. While non of the sets are power houses RadBlast's -Def and /Devices' Targeting Drone did at least help with the Players debuffed part, since that includes a 0.5 modifier to Accuracy which is disastrous to regular builds, that usually are calculated to hit regular +3s, but not self-/buffed ones, like Cimerorans or Rikti. My builds all assume a base chance of 33% instead of 48% and still I often had to tag enemies with Neutrino Bolt before I was back to a 95% ToHit chance.
  9. That sounds like you've never seen a single target immobilize, or do I misunderstand this? (Almost) Every Blaster secondary has that as mandatory pick, you even have a /Devices blaster in your sig. Was my wording odd? (foreign language and all that)
  10. I didn't have to, because I have an alternate ST chain built around spamming Toxic Web Grenade. Not exactly increasing my DPS normally, but against AVs it does
  11. ~225sec recharge 67.5% global recharge and an FF proc in Trip Mine, but my Rune / Melee Core rotation does not rely on FF procs
  12. Not even remotely tanker-ish, melee-ish or anythingclose-ish, but a challenge is a challenge.
  13. If you're here to learn about the next FOTM you came to the wrong place. I just play what the concept demands, build to the best of my knowledge and see what I can pull off with it. Also none of my builds are specialized for a challenge. Individual enhancements may get swapped for technical reasons (read: '*!$%!# fleeing AVs), but that's it. Motivation to run this came from THIS THREAD and the fact that I can finally see my toon when playing. Thanks for that, HC. Type: Stealth Fighter / Saboteur Build: Rad Blast/Devices (Yes, it's a terrible combo, I know. The toon was an experimental build that failed completely and got rebuilt to at least normal functionality. Unfortunately the only synergy between RadBlast and Devices is the ability to stack stuns, which is mostly useless in an ITF, due to the Cimerorans' battle cries. And still I had fun.) Solo MoITF, 54/8, no Insp, no Amplifiers, enemies buffed, players debuffed Obligatory proof footage (sorry, no screenies without GUI this time)
  14. Which was incredible fun when fighting Tsoo Sorcerers solo
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