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  1. Correct, and 3 out of 4 T3 Agility powers do that too. You can check the powers ingame by clicking Powers > Incarnate Abilities > Create > Rightclick On Power.
  2. Agility's main attribute is Endurance Modification. Agility Core Boost buffs Endurance Modification and Recharge, while Agility Radial Boost buffs Endurance Modification and Defense. The textbody of Agility Radial Boost's Description tab incorrectly claims that it's boosting Recharge and Defense. The header correctly says Endurance Modification and Defense though. (Mids Reborn has copied that mistake btw)
  3. Was entertaining myself with the costume creator and accidentally must have clicked all arrows to log in. Checking my own data after realizing that I was logged in. Using /whereami Looking for myself in search window and asking other players if they can see my data, global, etc. Logged out to see if the toon appeared in my character list. It did, but couldn't be logged in again.
  4. How is everyone missing the obvious here? You need to play a Water/Nature Defender, of course. How else would you make cooled Lemonade?
  5. Under Import/Export select Short Forum Post, then, under Data Chunk, check Export Data Chunk as well as a DataLink. You can now simply paste the build into a post.
  6. If you look at Gun Drone's power list you will notice 'Taunt' as the last point, since this patch I assume it was an attempt to upgrade Gun Drone to a combined damage and survivability tool, so it might actually become a (somewhat) useful T9 power. Unfortunately combining a taunt effect with vulnerability to smash damage AND complete resistance to healing makes Gun Drones piñatas without filling. Personal 2 Cent: I used to like Gun Drones too, and a pair of Gun Drones flanking you looks badass indeed, so I feel your pain. But as long as they don't attack my target or at least do cone attacks I consider them random, fragile, and therefore useless ST DoT dispensers that I won't waste a power pick on, let alone precious slots.
  7. Why do people solo TFs at +4/x8, or turn off inspirations, or run on SOs only? To get the feeling of challenge and accomplishment back, that the game itself has lost long ago.
  8. Triage Beacon provides +Regen, not Heal ticks. Did you check your regeneration under Powers -> Combat Attributes -> Base -> Regeneration Rate?
  9. It was a busy weekend, but I haven't abandoned this thread. Thanks for your suggestions. And next time I'm gonna pick my thread name more carefully.. From a statistical point of view I should either roll a Robot/Traps or Robot/Poison Mastermind, or a Psi/Poison or Psi/Traps Def/Cor. Yet, one suggestion stuck and after only a few minutes puzzle tiles in my head already started to match. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is. So, I present to you my next Praetorian toon. With a hopefully nice picture and a bit of background story (pardon my english) as a Thank You to those who took their time to post. I'm not a RPer, so I wouldn't have cared, but knowing that Clamor and STyLeZ will reunite in the First Ward just sweetened the deal. And yes, the toon is named 'Clamor and STyLeZ'.
  10. On second thought the frustrating answer is: any AT with access to a P2W Vendor will do.
  11. MaceBane w/ Venom Grenade, Rad/Bio Brute and DP/Plant Blaster come to mind, with Bane and Brute also being multipliers.
  12. In MIDS click Options > Configuration > Exemping & Base Values. Under Base Values set 'Base ToHit' to 48 and accept. All ToHit chances displayed now assume fighting +3s.
  13. ::: EDIT: I'm NOT looking for easy or best solutions. I'm simply looking for odd/curious/interesting/unexpected suggestions that may spark my interest. ::: I feel like running another PRAETORIAN and, for a change of pace, I'd like to hear your vote on any or all of the following: AT - Primary Set - Secondary Set - Alignment - Faction The following suggestions won't be considered because they can't start in Praetoria or I just levelled such a toon and don't feel like doing it right again: EATs, Beam Rifle, Empathy (Cont/Cor/Def), Electrical Melee (Brute/Tanker), everything Titan Weapon If there's interest I will document and comment on the levelling, since video footage currently isn't an option. Feel free to just suggest or explain why you suggest what you did.
  14. This might help: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Attack_Mechanics
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