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Old in-game player notes from live, wondering if anyone returned


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I found one of my old backup file repositories on an old external hard drive. I checked out a number of things and smiled when I ran across...




I used it mostly to tag people who were awful in some form or another. However, a few were noted because of how awesome they were and I am curious if any of them returned.


I played mostly on Virtue (except when it came to Fire/Rad night, where we melted everything around us).


"Korhal" "5" " Haile, Korhal" "great ms raid leader"

"Enemy Zero" "5" " Serra Nova" "strong, great blaster\n

"Lavandra" "5" " JRock" "helped me find a badge in faultline"

"Dread-not" "5" " Shimmer-Strike" "awesome on MS raid"



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If you scroll aaaaaaaall the way down to the bottom of the forums, there's a board called Reconnect.  There are threads for each of the live servers you can check, or you can just post a general shout-out.  Good luck finding people! :-)

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Reunion player, ex-Defiant.

AE SFMA: Zombie Ninja Pirates! (#18051)


Regeneratio delenda est!

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