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Buff Sentinel Dark Armor


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Dark Armor Toggles pretty much same as melee ones including Cloak of Fear and Oppresive Gloom.

They lose damage aura because they need to be in melee range, but these toggles need you to in melee range too which is pretty restricting this is why I'm proposing this.

Change Cloak of Fear into

Click Self, Chance to deal Mag 2 Fear on damage powers.


Toggle : Chance to deal Mag 2 Fear on damage powers.

As for Oppresive Gloom to these.

Ranged (Targeted AoE) Mag 3 Disorient. PBAoE Team +Absorb.  = Initially I though of howling twilight but instead of rez effect I though of absorb since absorb seems to sentinel thing.

Anyway thoughts?

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I kind of think of Sentinel Dark Armour like Kinetics:  It works at range, but you get the most mileage out of the Set while engaged in Melee.

Of course, Sentinel Dark Armour can't compete with Kinetics as far as raw usefulness, so the comparison isn't exactly one-to-one.


On the other hand, I wouldn't shed any tears if Dark Armour for Sentinels became less melee-centric.  Cloak of Fear and Oppressive Gloom are in weird places on the Set regardless of Archetype.

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