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Can't slot Gaussians in blaster archery aim?


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Silly question: are you high enough level?


ETA: Ah, I just noticed which piece you were trying to slot.  Do you have Gaussian's: Chance for Build Up slotted in another power?  It's a Unique.

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4 hours ago, FundamentalyConfused said:

Ok I feel stupid now. The unique thing I had forgotten about.  It’s already slotted in build up  

It's not always useful, but when you click and drag an IO, and slots don't light up, look around your build while you have the IO dragging. If you have that exact IO in another power, it will light up as well as the 'acceptable' slots. So if you were slotting a set of, say, Thunderstrike in a power, and you had two other powers slotted with Thunderstrike, and you dragged the Acc/Dam, the Acc/Dam IOs in the other two powers would light up as well (a relic of the early days of Inventions, when you didn't have Catalysts, so there might be a reason why you'd want to drop a higher level IO on a lower one).

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