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  1. I dropped Spine Burst from my Spine/Fire brute. I find the animation feels SLOOOOOW, like trying to burst under water, and it roots you for too long IMO. I had a Spine/SR scrapper around Issue 6 on live that I slogged all the way to 50 and that's the only toon I'd take that power for again just to fill out the attack chain. I'm currently working on refining my Plant/Psy/Ice Dom conveniently named Dominant Farmer. 😆
  2. Ok I feel stupid now. The unique thing I had forgotten about. It’s already slotted in build up
  3. The slots stay greyed out when I try to drag and drop the build up IO onto aim. I haven't tried with any other set IO's
  4. I have my forms set to my numpad keys and they also change my power trays for me when I press one. I have my human form key set to change me back to human and toggle on SS and the cloak. I just press it twice to toggle both on. If you’re truly hell bent on getting some use out of it I’d recommend adding it to a human form keybind to toggle it on for you when you switch. It takes away all the difficulty of hunting for icons to toggle on.
  5. That’s a bummer! What if I tried deleting IE from my rig? Would it still try to open a browser that’s not installed?
  6. I do find it easy to click on a launcher link to see what info is shown. I saw that safe mode is going away and rather than search the forum I clicked the link and it opened up Internet Explorer not my default web browser.
  7. Would it be possible to have the launcher use the web browser I prefer instead of Internet Explorer?
  8. Well, I guess I’m the only one that has this issue, even the mods are silent. Is is there any chance we could get that changed to something a little more acceptable like up to 6’ off the ground?? Maybe 8’ cuz of mob storyline? It has caused me debt on more than one occasion.
  9. Maybe I’m the only one here that likes to jump around with my spines/fire brute, got into that habit with my Issue 4 spines/sr scrapper, maximizing throw spines & ripper cones. Running 4x8 difficulty results in large spawns and for the most part my jumping around isn’t an issue, even when the mobs bunch up I usually end up on the ground fairly quickly to fire off a burn patch, but sometimes I get pinned against a wall and am not able to touch the ground to fire off burn. I thought that was fixed way back when so it would go off close to the ground?
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