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  1. I agree that Elude is skippable since IO’s made softcapping easy. I like your idea for Elude but think that a toggle isn’t warranted. Earlier today I was mulling this over and thought that since we have this power creep going since Incarnates were introduced that maybe these type of T9’s need looking at. Here’s a crazy idea, it applies to any T9 godmode, what if we bump up the active time one more minute? If we don’t really want to change how these godmodes work, for the most part, the simplest and easiest thing to do is up the up time. How else can we change the skippable
  2. Could we get the ability to move multiple enhancements, salvage and whatever else I might have forgotten? I’ve done some searching and haven’t found anything like this except this thread https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/11004-enhancement-tray-management-suggestions/?tab=comments#comment-107129 Ever done multiple respec’s with the intent of stripping enhancements, saving those enhancements and then deleting a toon? It’s quite a slog to drag and drop each enhancement. Before it was changed to just deleting the leftovers I’d use that as a way to avoid all that single drag
  3. My 2 inf. I’m on board with a reshuffle of the SR toggles, having the AOE toggle lower would greatly improve the faceplant ratio. I’d also make one small change for a +recovery in Practiced Brawler. My thinking is as a practiced brawler you should have had some kind of endurance training and allows you to fight longer before tiring out. It doesn’t have to be a big number with the click and possible stacking.
  4. Good grief even the post office sitting on packages affects the internets!
  5. I’m not trying to thread jack but I’m curious how are you checking so many names?
  6. Can we get a little decoration or an exit sign inside the ski chalet? I was in there looking around last month and spent, what felt like an hour, a lot of time looking for the exit but not seeing it because it blends in very well. I was almost at the point of logging in my farm account, starting a team and standing at the door. I couldn’t find it and was getting frustrated falling off the side when I wouldn’t land a jump right.
  7. You can slot the stealth proc in sprint and drop stealth.
  8. It’s in the blaster inherent Defiance. Didn’t used to be like that and it’s pretty awesome to be able to still lob shots when stumbling around stunned! 😁😁 Defiance 1.0 was pretty crazy where the lower your health was the more you would get a damage buff. Kinda insane to on purpose fall from the top of the map and hit the ground ending up with 1hp and a 400% +dam just to hit Lusca with a BIG whammy!
  9. Mob death was the bane of my Kin/Rad Offender!! ALL HANDS ON DECK!!! BRING YOUR SHOVELS, WE’RE GONNA DIG THIS BUG OUT!!
  10. Ok that kinda makes sense then. The intense itchiness is a result of our bodies wanting to be rid of it so we scratch till we’re bloody and it’s then removed. Such a messy divorce when you get married to the ivy. 😢
  11. Got some more prednisone and roid cream. Doc says this stuff can take up to 21 days to be rid of. It takes that long for your skin to grow out. 😕
  12. I’ll go on record in favor of an account wide unlock for the LRT. Kinda like how HEATS and VEATS had to be unlocked by getting a 50 back in the day. That was account wide when it unlocked. I’m also from a time where you had to dodge close cluster of mobs in the hollows trying to get across the map for the Frostfire mish. That was hard, compared to nowadays the instant gratification of mission door tp we have it easy and should not complain.
  13. Well....... I’m all out of roids and the rash that’s left is starting to get angry. 🤬 Looks like I’ll be going back to the ER tomorrow when I’d rather be playing with the new shiny! 🤬🤬 *mutters* Shoulda burned my clothes and just started over 😤😤
  14. One of those throw away plastic suits they wear in the Covid screening lines would be perfect!
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