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Question: Mission design from the ground up


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Please just assume I know nothing on this topic, but wish to learn.


Question:  What does it take (or is it even possible) for a team of players skilled in base design and architect storytelling, to create new door mission material to tie to new or current NPC mission givers OUTSIDE of architect?


I'm even thinking this because my mind is trying to pull several bits together.:

1) I just got done looking at the base builders' show-off thread, and the results are always improving, with some very impressive layouts and looks.

2) I know there are missions where the entire layout is designed for that mission, so no randomly putting similar rooms together to create a warehouse maze, or such.

3) I know it's been stated throughout the years that folks would appreciate new mission interiors.  We have gotten the occasional re-skinning of rooms, but not a new design, per se. 

4) Seasoned architect story designers usually know what the players want, resulting in a better mission.


So, to restructure my question:  Is it possible for a team of experienced designers to create new mission givers, stories, layouts, and looks that would be approved by the Homecoming team, and does the game's design allow for these to be ported from development tools permitted to the players into the main game?


If this is even possible, this might go a ways to freshening up areas that currently exist but are largely ignored.  I'm thinking of westside Independence Point for one.  Placing a new mission giver or two, and running their storylines through the zone's current "dead" spaces, could really open up some areas.


Of course, this all hinges on a lot of things coming together, and the technology even being able to function towards this goal.  


Help me understand?

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