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Made a Dual Pistols/Martial Combat Sentinel, and even though he's only lvl 14, he's one of the most fun characters I have played. Its like he's a walking Hong Kong action movie, when I hit Ki Push, unleash a Storm Kick right as the KP sends them flying, then finish them off with a Dual Wield if the SK didn't do the job. The Ki Push looks straight up like the wire work that is used in a lot of Hong Kong movies, particularly the Wuxia genre films. Dual Wield is straight up John Woo, who directed several HK classics before making American films, and has had it several of those as well.


Too bad I can't make a character that looks like Chow Yun-Fat in Hardboiled....









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I’m guessing you meant to post this in the blaster sub forum seeing as how DP/MC is a blaster combo?


That said, yes, I agree. DP/MC is one of the most enjoyable toons I have made. The ki push, storm kick, into a blast is very satisfying. I however end them with executioners shot instead of dual wield 😁

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