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Help with powerset choice for character


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So I had an idea for a vigilante/villian that power is they can bend light. This ability had them be kidnapped and experimented on by a corporation looking to make assassins that would be virtually undetectable. 


They also created a suit that would hide his body heat and breathe. He escapes gets suit and wipes out most people in facility. He'll be a bit like red hood or the punisher. He will kill and hunt down the corrupt and evil that hide behind the law starting with the board that ran the corporation that experimented on him. He will be called the Moon Wraith or similar.


Now my problem is I am thinking stalker or maybe sentinel with invisibility. I'm leaning stalker but can't decide which powers. Maybe electric and it's power by him bending the light into it's solar collectors? Also vigilante or outright villian? Any suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.

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14 minutes ago, Nuke Leah said:

Stalker:  Radiation Melee (Light is radiation) / Energy Aura

There's also the Energy Melee pom-poms of below averageness if you want some style over substance.


Brute or Scrapper could pull it off too, Energy Aura has a built in stealth so that works even not on a stalker.

Good idea. As he bends light the suit powers up. 

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Could be an Illusion/Darkness or Illusion/Time Controller also. They have a powerful baked-in invisibility toggle and light-based "pets" along with some controls and attacks. Either secondary makes for a pretty darn solid, all-rounder type stealthy character who manipulates people into being killed unseen and without a shred of evidence left.


A Claws/Energy Scrapper might be fun too. The Vanguard claws look like hardened light. 

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