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Advice for a Mind/Dark Dominator


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Hello fellow Dom enthusiasts,

 I’m thinking of running a Mind/Dark dominator for a character concept which would have been Illusion instead but one can only dream. 

While I’m sure of how Mind Control works, is there anything i should look out for in Dark Assault? 

Should I play more at range or melee?


any advice would be much appreciated 😁😁😁

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My very first character when I found out about this being back was my Mind/Dark.  Gather Shadows and Life Drain are the main reasons to go with Dark Assault, kinda sucks a lot of the revamped dom power sets took some of its uniqueness.  


You'll take the standard pbaoe attack, Gather Shadows, Moonbeam and Life Drain.  With the heal I like to go with the dominator epic pool with Energy Transfer.  There really is no ST attack that's better for doms and by such a large margin and the fact you can heal right back the damage it does to you kind of alleviates the worst part about it.  


The playstyle is a bit mixed but if you're taking ET you're going to want to melee quite often.  

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I've been slowly leveling up my mind/dark dom and have him modelled after the council vampyres.

I like to put the mob to sleep the focus on the boss with my ST hold and attacks,  when boss drops I hit my lil poo ric nuke and then sleep them again following the same tactic......very fun



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