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  1. This has to be one of the most asked for clothing options. I'm all for it. Incidentally I noticed one of the GM's judging this last costume contest had a very peculiar looking belt with loincloth on the front and back. This may actually be something in the works. The more costume options the better. At the very minimum I'd like to see become available these robes, a colorable version of GW's flowing hair and Desdemona's boots.
  2. The Gaussian set is too good not to set out the whole thing if you're already using the proc. I'd put that whole 6 into BU and just use low level one's so it doesn't mess with the recharge for optimal proc'ing. I'd trim off of Tactics down to 2 slots. Remember with the chance for BU instant recharge ATO you need to use that power at least once zoned into a map for it to start kicking in. It's good habit to use Energy Punch from time to time. I'm so used to just using 5 Manticore in snipes I forgot I have my pick of ranged sets for Moonbeam, I'll have to go look a
  3. Yeah I have a Wind/Psychokinetic dom over there. It's old Titan Weapons broken good. I'd love to see more power sets here but that's the more bureaucratic nature of HC compared to the freedom of just hashing something out on the other servers. The potential for more hands to build more content is the draw to HC.
  4. No. You've hijacked the topic yet again by making it all about your pettiness. You can't even be bothered to log in and compare easy to view basic stats of the various powers across the power sets. Then you go far off topic and then when I respond to your absurdness you claim the victim. Again, explain to us why EJ is coming to the conclusion he his with his test of killing a pylon that is taking him forever. Explain to us the wide difference in dpa and why Fire and Energy perform as it does with these numbers. You can't because that would mean you'd have to be
  5. To help get this back to topic to illustrate to EJ the differences in an attack chain for the various dom assaults using the 4 best ST attacks they can muster here's a bit of base statistics to consider. Dark Assault Smite: 98 dpa Gloom: 84 dpa Midnight Grasp: 77 dpa Energy Assault Bone Smasher: 76 dpa Total Focus: 89 dpa Power Burst: 141 dpa Fire Assault Incinerate: 74 dpa Fire Blast: 87 dpa Blaze: 152 dpa The assaults all share about the same in the snipes, Fire's carries better raw damage because
  6. After telling me a bunch of times how I am allowed not to use Mass Confusion while I acquiesce to your challenge to show you how to clear a map much faster it dawned on me that you have no objectivity. I wasn't in your Carnie run telling you how you were allowed to use your regular powers, use the tools available to you to clear the map the fastest most efficient way possible. So after warning you a few times not to bother me while I use my regular powers showing you I had no problem just quitting out. You can live your fantasy and gloat all you like, you obviously didn't like t
  7. The OP started this topic asking why his Dark Assault damage is so low doing the lolpylon test. That's his realization not ours. The rest of us that understand the fundamental differences across power sets are aware enough to give him reasons as to why his Dark Assault doesn't seem up to snuff straight damage-wise. They're pretty experienced so I assume they know how to build the dom for damage with procs and such. Create a new dom with Fire, Energy or whatever you like. Show the power details and scale it to level 50. The base stats are your "facts",
  8. Well off hand Fire, Energy, Earth are the top ST damage assaults. I haven't played any of the other revamped assaults since they made them better but I'm sure Ice isn't too shabby nowadays, I hear Savage may be half decent. Psi is more aoe and survivability oriented. Dark is survivability oriented as well with the -tohitt and heal. It's ST dps is okay but nowhere near the first 3 mentioned since those assaults don't have a side benefit that includes a heal or make it harder to hit you. I've played about all of the dom assaults, Dark is a good assault for its own re
  9. On my Mind/Dark I take Energy Transfer from Primal Mastery since you can heal that damage right back. ET is stupid good ST damage on doms. Dark's damage is mediocre, it's best qualities are the -tohitt and the heal.
  10. I have 3 builds on my Mind/Nrg but the powers I typically take are: Mind: Mesmerize, Confuse, Mass Confusion, usually Dominate, usually Terrify, usually Total Domination. One build has Mass Hypnosis which will be good for the impending LRSF change. TK is trash as it is right now and I'll usually skip levitate and the aoe sleep. Energy: t1 blast because, Power Up, Total Focus, Power Burst, Snipe. Sometimes I'll skip Dominate and substitute Bone Smasher for more damage. The only other power you'd take would be Whirling Hands but I don't like it's animation time for
  11. I have a Grav/Nrg dom I know how good it can be. Grav doms are just fine they have lots of aoe ccontrol you yourself can contribute with your sing doing lots of heavy lifting.
  12. Agility does not affect the recharge on Domination, just so we're clear. I do love me some agility though on my doms since they have lots of defense powers that may be a bit low slotted and then the recharge really helps with the aoe controls and soul mastery powers and then there's the endurance mod aspect of the incarnate. As for Illusion control on doms I'm not sure it'd be a great fit. It might just be too powerful in some areas and lacking in others (like control). I know Illusion is real strong on controllers but I have no envy towards it, I'd have no problem if they get
  13. Understand that in the early levels say up to 30 your role is strictly control. Dom's are late bloomers since they get most of their best attacks from 28 and after plus by 30 you start getting enough slots to start filling out some of your better powers. As you're leveling it's good to experiment with the powers in your primary and secondary so you can get some familiarity with the ones you notice are highly effective and the ones that are redundant. Typically until 30 I will concentrate on taking control powers with some of the better earlier attacks and then around those late
  14. Well if it were to truly be considered worthy of a badge called 'old school challenge' shouldn't you be limiting it to villain AT only runs? You had to have a really sturdy built brute to make it through that, having a proper tank is cheating the experience.
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