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  1. If you'd like me to PL you with my Mind dom @VV I'd be more than happy to. I'll even let you pick whatever group of enemies you'd like and the settings then you can go make some popcorn. Confuse on a dom should neither be considered a hold nor soft control. Nor should any loss in xp/influence be considered when the time spent killing said group is amplified way more than a little loss in xp. If you're doing it right though you should be dropping that mass confuse and blasting them with your aoe's as they blast each other so there's minimal loss in xp/inf. Tweak
  2. It's highly probable there's some old devs playing on HC. It was great of them to leak out the code so their baby didn't just die off and yeah I'm happy to have their expertise aiding the game. They should remain in the shadows, they're not the heroes we want but the heroes we deserve. I would though like to take this moment to stare menacingly at them while asking where's the last 4 incarnate powers and content they promised? Hopefully that'll scare them into divulging details into making the stuff that was planned happen. Thanks to the anonymous ones out there!
  3. You guys are crazy! Good builds can get that down to 2 mins or so. It's a big instant stop all things power, gets great set bonuses since it can slot the purple set to 5 with the proc plus the pvp proc for very good aoe damage since the procs are almost sure fire plus there's the benefit of holding a large group in place along with that damage. You could also even proc it out with all kinds of hold damage procs for a mini nuke. Lots of wasted potential not taking your standard aoe hold.
  4. Plant likely as a control since it does good damage plus the vines each hold their own aggro. There's a few ways you could go with assault, either great ST damage for finishing the tougher targets faster or more aoe. I'd highly recommend Soul Mastery though, Soul Drain amps up your damage plus it does good aoe damage on use then you can get a good ranged aoe and also if that's not enough the end drain also does decent aoe damage too, fills your endurance, and procs well since it's a long recharge.
  5. Before IO's I used to run this sf with my mind dom using the perma sleep method and 2 kins to keep me perma. Understanding that this thing might actually be hard especially if you don't have any level 50 teammates might have been the first indicator of potential failure. Nowadays my dom can just alpha zerg it so out went that sleep. But yeah for sure try to separate them and at the very least Numina HAS to go down first even if it costs all of you you're demise.
  6. Don't get too comfortable with that, the most likely day to be fired is Friday even if it's your day off, they even made a movie about it.
  7. I'm not against tweaks to Mind Control since it is an original powerset and Plant being a later set does outclass it. For someone that knows how to play Mind Control well though the limitations are not what some perceive them to be and we can do quite a bit more than Plant in some areas. I do agree it is bullshit that Plant gets a very large cone confuse at level 8 that recharges faster than Mind's signature power. I would not reduce the recharge on Mass Confusion in any way, I can see it being OP as soon as that would hit the market, but I wouldn't be against adding some kind o
  8. I aim for 85-100% additional recharge on top of hasten and then I'll dedicate usually that last slot to picking up defense bonuses from the sets that can do so. Recharge first, defense bonuses and then also hp once you're comfortable with your recharge situation.
  9. Yes it was even kind of a tough fight even for level 50's with IO'd builds. Things changed with incarnates but even a good team of 50's minus incarnates would have to tread carefully on the last fight.
  10. You could amp up the patriotism and make yourself a Shield tank. A well designed shield is a great looking accessory and if you're worried about looking too much like Captain America to hell with him, shields were around way longer than comic books. As for assaults pretty much what fits your fancy, the mace of justice would look cool. I know we have staff's but I do wish we had some kind of spear assault that could be used with shields, I'd love to make a badass Spartan.
  11. Oh yeah looks like you do have Rune. What I'd likely do is drop Propel since almost every attack in Energy is better (but it is neat to throw a garbage can at someone, but effective?). Total Focus is a must like @oedipus_tex says, it makes Power Burst into an animal of a power, but that also means you'll need to adapt to play more melee hybrid. Whirling Hands after the latest nerf is meh again, for that animation I usually just have it for the Winter set bonuses and use it little or I trade it out for the Soul Mastery aoe blast which animates much faster with near the same damag
  12. I have to agree vengeance is a nice power to have and a nice little LotG mule but if your build isn't hanging by a thread for that 7.5% recharge bonus then I find some other teammate will likely have vengeance so you can find yourself another stronger more active power. Like Rune of Protection yeah if you're going Sorcery for Enflame anyways.
  13. Make whatever association you will about them and whatever connotation you think being 4chan related even means. I recently gave them a try and within a day a few people found out I was new to their server and emailed me money to get me going. I didn't have that happen to me on this server, although this was a while ago and I do feed new people money on this server, so it's good people on each side. They may be cheeky but if you don't go around being offended by everything Thunderspy is just fine, they have their morality code just the same as here, one of their codes is not to
  14. Of the 1st 3 powers in the primary and secondary your lvl 2 power should be either Dominate or Bone Smasher, depends on how much control or damage you prefer, I will not have both powers. I'll also skip Mass Hypnosis, you're more than fine with Mass Confusion, Total Domination and Terrify with your aoe control. You'll also want Hasten, it's too good of a power and it's a free 70% recharge which is huge for doms. My controls I go with Mesmerize, Confuse, Total Domination, Terrify and Mass Confusion. The assault I take the t1 but don't slot nor use it, then I have Bone Smasher,
  15. I'd rather not have that power creep into my Mind dom. Or would you like to see what I can already do with her without having an OP Mass Confusion available for every mob? Tone down Seeds so we stop using plant as the bar.
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