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  1. I like how snipes are currently, there's much better use of them in the fight now and I'd venture to say there's more for how it is now than against. But I would offer to suggest with that new pvp snipe set they made, maybe they could reverse what the proc does, it will allow you to have the long version of the snipe and cancels out the insta-snipe. Not sure how many people use this new set I still see Manticore as the superior set and that proc as it is now is redundant. Think that set would get a lot more use and that proc in general would provide variety for those who are more in your boat. There might be some fallout with how it works in pvp though so maybe revamping another snipe set with this yang version of the proc may be the way to go. Either way win win for everyone I'd think. PS: Btw it seems I post quite frequently right after you. Don't mean to but I have an orange cat that stalks me all day so I guess I'm just used to seeing an orange cat and having to say something.
  2. Whatever Dominator you make my advice would be not to take too many of your primaries and secondaries, 5-6 powers from each should suffice . Build yourself up with the essentials and then build yourself with lots of pool powers. My doms I play like my tanks, be aggressive with your controls, your controls are your best defenses. Then while you have them locked down go to town with all you have.
  3. Soul Mastery is my favorite epic. Soul Drain is fantastic your dps just skyrockets, you get a nice shield and there's an end drain to help with endurance issues if u have any.
  4. I can help with two of the three choices. Don't have any experience with Savage though. For Mind I like to take Mesmerize, Dominate, Confuse, Total Domination and Mass Confusion at minimum and add a 3 slotted Terrify if room. I'll kit out Dominate with the full Ascendancy set since this is the control in my attack rotation so the proc buffs my damage. The 2 confuses I'll put in Malaise into the aoe since I'd doubtless be in the thick of the fight when I need it so the dmg proc is appreciated and the purple set into the ST confuse. The aoe hold I like to set out 5 of the purple control and add another proc if I have the slots. Terrify is another layer of control if I need it I'll set 3 of the other ATO with the pet proc which'll just about always fire. Mesmerize I don't slot except for an Apoc 50+5 dmg IO in case I need the psi dmg and it's another viable control on its own too. Ice I doubt I'd take as an epic but I'd take the shield, the heal and hibernate. The heal I'd put in a full set of Numina, the rest I'd be chasing the most effective bonuses.
  5. In that topic a few weeks ago I spoke up against that MOTD because it was setting a precedent in game where now, if you really did a deep dive into BLM, fringe ideals were going to be promoted so now would they allow counter arguments? On my console any game that had that messaging I uninstalled but I care about this one too much so I voiced my concern. That MOTD has since been removed in the last week if you hadn't noticed and I don't doubt there was good intent behind the team in this regard. It was a rush to say something so that they may not have been bullied into anything so I don't begrudge any missteps since the intent wasn't malicious. I think you're harping on something they've come to realize.
  6. There's a civilized way to talk about hot topics and a belligerent way, with the latter if you are warned to cool it then I'd advise doing so. If it's to continue then you risk a timeout at your own peril. I'm glad they didn't outright ban your IP but I saw your chat in game today and you are itching for one. Again take your timeout with some dignity and hopefully you get to play tomorrow.
  7. I've got a few doms I've enjoyed, mostly Mind doms, the seamless use of all the different powers and the amount of control in the set just suits me to a T. I've been an old /Nrg player from the start of villains so when this revamp dropped, this fresh take on the secondary left me feeling no shame on how OP it now feels. My absolute fav character is my Mind/Nrg I know not everyone loves Mind control but Energy Assault (probably the other revamped sets as well) are a great pairing with anything, especially the newer sets like Plant and Dark.
  8. I'm torn on this one. I totally get the market value side of the table. Before I knew what you could disallow for certain I'd looked into what you can disable as far as salvage at the p2w vendors for my characters that accumulate salvage at a fast pace. Every once in a while I'd go on a cleaning spree for my inventories but I've gotten myself situated to where I just enjoy playing. Since we can't block anything now I just leave my salvage tab red. But I know that this approach might not work someone not as well situated. I'd be for disabling common salvage with some feedback from those that wouldn't want this to be implemented.
  9. Here's the crux of what I said. I'm in the camp of sure if it's tailor-able to the users preference sure what do I care what another wants to filter especially if its quick to enact by the dev team. But I really don't see it being as easy as snapping your fingers problem solved. There's tools already in place to help mitigate your user experience, this might just be a bigger rabbit hole than might be feasible. Certainly there's a profanity filter that would bleep out that word and if someone was determined to have it seen how many variations could they use to get around the filter? So you say you'll be able to program in on your own every iteration of verbiage that you don't like, what if someone gets around your programming? What happens if while in their attempt to create this new chat system something gets broken?
  10. What's so telling? What connotations are you inferring onto me with assumptions of any "narrative" that I didn't already state? I'm telling Zeraphia to speak up to this person that very instance if it upsets them so and if it persists I've stated in my earlier text that the GM's are pretty good about reigning that stuff in when it gets out of hand so then Zeraphia can "take a break" while they're handling it. As far as reporting someone, no I'm more of the type to tell the person saying absurd stuff to chill out directly than to go report them behind their back because hey I might even be in the wrong. But yeah I'm all for your and anyone else's ability to say whatever so long as it's not causing actionable harm to someone other than yourself. If there was manpower from this volunteer team to be devoted I'm saying I'd rather see fun and challenging content added like the Monster Mash tomorrow to entertain people with something fresh than to create a program that might not work as intended when there's already a profanity system in place and other ways available to avoid that troublesome type of chatter.
  11. No offense ever taken! Lets be clear where I stand on free and open communication. I'm for free communication to the max! There's one word I detest and it is that very word yet it seems to be propagated more by the very culture that it was meant to demean, bit ironic I'd say. Even this word I would not like to be banned, I'd rather the stigma of its use determine its fade. But there will always be a replacement word for that to be offended by either by from edgy folk or plain mean spirited people. Which brings us to the N-word you saw. Certainly there's a profanity filter that would bleep out that word and if someone was determined to have it seen how many variations could they use to get around the filter? So you say you'll be able to program in on your own every iteration of verbiage that you don't like, what if someone gets around your programming? What happens if while in their attempt to create this new chat system something gets broken? There's a chess channel on Youtube I enjoy on occasion, this channel was penalized recently because the algorithm registered a pattern that it was programmed not to like. This channel talks about nothing but chess and all its strategy and yet because there's a white and black side and the phrase "white side may be winning" might have been uttered it got suspended.......What are we doing?! Again this is from my perspective on the matter but I'd say turn on your filters and since you'll be subjected to chat outside of yourself be prepared to get the good with the bad. Tell whoever said the n-word to chill out and if it upset you so just take a break, grab a snack or something.
  12. I'd just have to agree with this. I want this volunteer team to spend NO time on a censorship system that who knows how things could break one way or another. They do a pretty good job of not bringing the hammer down on things unless it gets too out of hand and I've only really seen a few instances where it persisted to where they had to ban someones IP. On that same token I will say that I've seen some character names get generic'd that aren't really all that bad and all it does is make people more spiteful. Removing General seems to be what you're looking for, this stuff hardly spills over into Help anymore. Honestly any time spent on reworking the chat system which is fine as is in place of possibly adding more challenging content to keep you preoccupied from looking at said chat would be time ill spent when the solution seems to be already at your fingertips.
  13. Yeah this comes off as satire trying too hard. I see the problem here someone needs a hug! 💋 On a more serious note; /jranger Oh and nerf regen it offends meh.
  14. I'll tend to help a friend get a few levels from time to time in the Comic Con fire farm max settings. I use my Mind/Nrg/Soul. She's not quite spec'd for the farm with extra fire resists specifically but it's still an eventful go. I tend to do quite well but it can get a little more intense if the helper decides to run off and do his own thing.
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