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  1. You can always email @Yomo Kimyata to ask for some money that you just gave him.
  2. On Excelsior back when it was a bit more fresh I used to organize itrials and task forces a little more frequently. This was back before the usual's like @Oklahoman, Cosmic Council and a few others had established their willingness to keep the ball rolling on these things for everyone. I get it, it can be like herding cats leading some of these things. I do appreciate tells more so because I'm hearing the ping and seeing the yellow letters, if you want them to be zoned for that instant invite cool, but you can still just tell them with a short sweet "ouro" or "rwz". There's lot
  3. I like what they've done with Energy tons. It is very well rounded in melee and very strong ranged attacks for stragglers. What it is lacking though is aoe damage. While deciding what secondary you want to go with you should also be looking at the Epic pools to see what you can round out for the characters weaknesses. Dom's have very good epic pools but to me Soul Mastery is a cut above the rest and pairs real nice with its vast aoe damage to Energy's real strong ST focus. Like others are saying it really depends on what you want to do, the most suitable playstyl
  4. It's not an easy to identify thing. If you're getting that message after a respec it's usually involving a power pick that is associated with a weapon related to that power which is a costume piece. So it could be something as simple as a bow and there's ones you used to have to make unlockable like the vanguard bow which now in their generosity they allow you to look cool with at lvl 1. Or it could be an Epic pool power you may have just taken like the bane mace. The parts are already unlocked for you, the message just reaffirms after a respec to remind you about cool parts tha
  5. While the game was away Khalisti was their Minecraft area to hone their knowledge on building regular things into a zone. That's how we got such a pretty Echo Plaza.
  6. *Lurking out of the shadows of Warburg* "Yo sucka gibme yer wallet!" "Okay, but can I buy us some ice cream first?" "Fine. But I want sprinkles!"
  7. When Paragon Studios has more parity in their PvP than you currently attain you may be going the wrong way.
  8. Now I want RDJ to voice Aeon for his cutscenes! I could only imagine how it'd sound for Manticore having to tell Shalice to cool it for the umpteenth time... But I thought we all already ad-libbed the cutscenes on our own. No one else does this? >.> <.<
  9. That was stating the obvious broken meta of blaster/defender's w/proc'd holds that currently undermines actual control characters in PvP. In PvE who cares you all can have access to holds, control character holds operate much better in that area. I was making the obvious correlation that we should not be gatekeeping any changes for the overall game because it might upset PvP at the moment. They're their own mess, they can sort themselves out after.
  10. You can't technically stop a blaster from blasting. You hold them they can still blast because you have to be in their range to blast them while they're "held". Then when they blast you with their hold it detonates a crap ton of damage. The only area a hold matters best from the control characters is the larger matches. But then you should be spiking them. The end result is doms being so underperforming they get swapped for corruptors. Sad. Yes PvP as a whole favors damage dealers and it keeps getting skewed further with "fixes".
  11. Here's the thing. I used to PvP my Mind/Nrg dom AFTER the i13 changes and still loved playing it. They broke mez down sure, but I'm objective enough to see how sad it was that once you ran someone out of breakfrees it was game over. So normalizing the mez system where it wasn't an auto win for my toon I was fine with. But as it stands the mez system currently favors the non control characters. Who just so happen to do what they do much better already. Sure in an 8v8 setting I know I'm getting spiked because you better spike the one with a TK to hold a healer and then can get
  12. On a well coordinated jump team sure, but so be it. Maybe don't give blasters absorb shields plus such insurmountable hp that a hold that lasts a few seconds longer seems like such a crucial difference. Or a nature defender that can just stop in the middle of a zone and shrug off damage like its nothing. Coordinating games, players were quick to point out not to use certain "broken" powers like TK (when it worked). Why no self policing on broken AT's? Only 2 blasters and 1 stalker per team and there goes your argument about a hold being broken. I'd rather the "ex
  13. Yes. Maybe we can get a Penelope Yin Mastery pool. Or a Penelope Yin Control set, start fresh. But then I'd like also for her outfit to be made available to wear so we can cosplay in true form.
  14. The Wind Control confuse with the stats you have listed is accurate as to what it does on Thunderspy. It's Mass Confusion on steroids just like Seeds is, but in place of minor aoe damage you're getting your endurance refilled to power you into your next broken Wind ability. If Wind is going to be made accessible it cannot be ported over straight from how the Knives use it. It's far too deadly left unchecked, kind of like how Plant is but a bit better.
  15. PvP needs to sort its own self out, whatever happens with procs happens and they can fix whatever for PvP after. A blaster or defender being able to load up on all those damage procs in their hold which detonate with much more frequency than on an actual control character devalues the actual control character if the mez system is going to remain as it is. Revert the mez system to what it was and see how fun things get. Dominators in domination were an I win button pretty much back before i13. If we're going to devalue mez, then damage, buff/debuffing and survivabil
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