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  1. Yeah every power in Soul Mastery is attractive in some way. I take Soul Drain, the shield, the fortunata pet, and Dark Consumption (solely to shore up any end problems I might have in between domination cycles and unleash potential). Dark Obliteration looks nice too, just don't have an extra power to take. I do skip the t9 melee and a few of the earlier blasts. On the control side I tend not to want to take more than 6 powers, typically 5 will do the trick. This way I have plenty of room to dabble in the pools to build myself up where I want.
  2. As far as /dark I can help a bit with that. You have to take the t1 blast which I have a 5 set of decimations in it even though it's not in my attack chain. Aside from that I'd take Gather Shadows and slot it with 1-2 50+5 IOs, the pbaoe at 20 with at least a 5 set of the purple set, Life Drain with 3 Touch of Nictus for heal/accuracy and 3 apocalypse for damage/accuracy, finally I'd take Moonbeam and 6 slot with Manticore's and an extra ranged purple dmg proc. If you don't need to take another control at level 2 the tier 2 punch isn't bad so you could take that one. For Epics on a dominator Soul Mastery imo is the best, Soul Drain is awesome along with a great shield and a few other useful powers in it. Soul is a bit more skewed to players that like to get into the thick of the fights. Although on a /dark dom I always take Primal Mastery, Energy Transfer on a dom is just stupid damage and since you can self heal easy enough you'll want to spam ETs as soon as its recharged. My attack chain doesn't stray too far from Moonbeam, ET, Life Drain and a control or pbaoe. Never had an Earth control but I'd imagine you'd want to take the pet along with the hold and a few aoe mezzes. Good luck!
  3. Mezmera


    First it's the best mez protection you will get on anything so you shouldn't have a problem reacting to enemies when they throw out those controls onto you. Second, in domination your controls will instantly control bosses on a single application meaning if you throw out an aoe control you'll instantly mez all targets in a mob unless you miss one of them (which isn't domination's fault, skipping tactics and the like would be the problem there). Domination alone is nice but like some of us have been saying to build up those defenses, especially ranged defense, and you'll see a big difference in your character. My dom has better defenses than a SR scrapper, almost as good damage as a blaster and better aggro control than a tank. Doms are far and away my favorite characters to play due to their potential.
  4. Mezmera


    Permadom in of itself is great but is only the beginning. Why limit yourself to JUST permadom? A permadom in a +4 ITF is gonna get hurt real bad as soon as those groups become unmezzable. Being able to stand toe to toe against the strongest AVs and saying do your worst just to watch them not lay a scratch on you is a noble goal to aim for.
  5. Mezmera


    My dom tanks better than a tank and I play it that way. My dom's aggro control affects double the amount of enemies a tank can affect. If something gets loose my defenses allow me to survive and affect the battle rather than running behind some corner. Our job is to play the game at our best so I push whatever character I'm on to the max and in essence a tank and dom are trying to achieve the same thing so it's a similar playstyle. Tanks need to be aggressive and run into the battle and let their meatyness carry the day for the team, while being aggressive and running into the thick of things on a dom to control large groups of what we can before they have the chance to attack the team is optimal. A tank can never do what I can do on a dom but I CAN do what a tank can do. So I guess you're right in a way, built right a dom is so much more.
  6. Mezmera


    I'm on excelsior @Mistress Mezmera
  7. Mezmera


    Well on my Mind/Nrg dom I run 50+ defense to range, melee, aoe AND all damage types on top of that I have 75% S/L resist, 45% negative and toxic resist and 25% resist to the rest. All of that adds up. If some AV does get a shot through it's rare so easy to recover from and typically resisted well enough on my dom that it will not phase me. Permadom is the goal plus a bit of a buffer I agree, after that though also aim for bonuses like defense, hp and damage/accuracy. On a Ms Lib I regularly tank the fight with the 4 AVs while a good tank next to me goes down. Seeing is believing though.
  8. Mezmera


    So you can stand tall vs AV's and unexpected aggro beyond what you can control at the moment. Say you miss a few bosses on some holds on the lead in or some random mobs come out of nowhere to ambush you when your AoE holds are recharging what are you gonna rely on then? Defense is NEVER pointless. Yes build yourself up to a reasonable amount of recharge but you can also build in defenses as you're doing so.
  9. It's like having the choice between a Rib-eye steak or a Big Mac. Hope you're at least gonna get the fries.
  10. Mezmera


    /Energy is the best DPS you can get on a dom now and on top of that you get power boost.
  11. Mezmera


    With the revamp to most dominator assault sets I made a Grav/Nrg. It's kitted out the best I can get it, she's a mean machine. I take the Lift, Grav Distortion, Grav Distortion Field, Wormhole and the Singularity. Being a Mind dom player I usually forget to summon my pets and wormhole is fun but clunky whereas Mind control is just so seamless to use. You really can't go wrong with Energy Assault. I'd argue it's the best dom secondary right now. I loved the new /nrg so much that I made a Mind/Nrg dom with almost the same exact specs but for Mind control. The pools I go with are Hasten, Leadership, Fighting and Force of Will. Powerboosted Unleash Potential is stupid good.
  12. I think people tend to limit themselves thematically. Mind and Telepathic attacks seem to go hand in hand plus like was said there's probably some residual remembrance of how psi assault was unique in itself thanks to Drain Psyche. With the revamp to most dom assaults I'd say there's a lot of new and improved toys to play around with. I absolutely love how /Nrg came out, so much so that I made two. I remade my Mind/Nrg/Soul from live and it's far and away the best character I could create. The damage chain from Power Up and after is unreal then sprinkle in a Soul Drain to maximize your damage potential and on top of that a power boosted Unleash Potential is sexy as hell. I do see quite a few more Mind/Psi doms running around but aside from DP there's nothing enticing to me to play it. A well built dom will always perform well but when you play something like energy assault you can really tell the difference. I'd say not to sink everything you have into it and give something else a whirl and when you know it's the "one" go all in.
  13. I'd have to agree about Energy. The buff it got is real nice! Total Focus hits hard and is a bit faster but the new mechanics gives Whirling Hands great damage. Power Burst and Snipe hit super hard you can just jump into melee and load up and any stragglers just tab targets with these two. I jump into a mob, drop an aoe hold as I'm landing, pop Soul Drain, Total Focus and Whirling Hands then mop up anything left with Power Burst and Snipe. Also to note any dom with a power up effect can take Unleash Potential and have 30% ranged, melee, aoe AND damage typed defenses. All before counting any other defenses you can pull from powers or bonuses. If you want to scrap on a dom this'll surely help.
  14. Mezmera


    Well dropping TK onto an AV then spamming your hold gets them held real quick then you can lay off your holds a little and go to town with your damage. For instance the fight in the Tin Mage task force with Director 11, you get him held quick and he stays there pretty well if you maintain some holds along with your TK. It's not some super duper great power some of my mind doms don't have it some do. There's a baseline of powers you want and then you can sprinkle in a few gadget powers you may want to use for situational purposes. Generally I always take Mesmerize, Dominate, Confuse, Mass Confusion and one more AoE control of either Total Domination (I like harder controls) or Terrify. Meaning I'll skip Levitate, Terrify, Mass Hypnosis and TK. But if I have an extra power open at the end with minimal slots to devote to it I'd take either TK or Mass Hypno.
  15. I have both a /Rad and /Dark dom. I find this stipulation about healing only off of contaminated targets so much less reliable than Life Drain. Radiation's healing is only good in that when you're going through your chain of attacks it's "oh hey I healed" but when you NEED to heal you pretty much need to pause your chain to make sure to contaminate a target then heal off of them. Life Drain > Radiation Siphon
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