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  1. In truth, I just wanna see the little psychos run around critting things. May make one, bump it up and watch the show before deleting it as I much prefer demons on my MM's but the ninja/kin sounded like crazy fun
  2. Ninja/kin....little cracked out ninjas running around critting everything
  3. My personal favorite right now is my savage/regen, while squishier than some other brutes I love the combination and can be built into a monster. I've leveled up a sm/sd to 50 and working on a sm/bio who's at 46
  4. So I've got both sets of the Stalker ATO on my SM/Bio and I'm wondering the best places to slot them. I've kept leap on the toon based on a concept and I know it takes you out of hide so I was thinking of placing Stalker's Guile set into it for a chance to get the hide proc to go off and for Assassin's Mark, placing it into assassins frenzy so a follow up attack could get added build up. Is this plan workable or would it they be better served elsewhere like hemorrhage, rending flurry or savage strike.
  5. Could restart the challenge and put together a TF team for this. A set day and time with friends both new and old using teams built for maximum experience earning potential. Make teams able to go both red and blue to access all TF/SF available
  6. Think his name is Positive Gamer, or something similar.
  7. You could use the XP boost rate from the P2W vendor to get extra XP from your runs
  8. I like the Q task force, yes its long but for some crazy reason I always enjoyed it. Depending on the day i may be down for this with either a troller, mm(already 50) or scrapper/brute....whichever one that i have in range in time
  9. *gets out her keytar* Welcome back....now get in here and join up
  10. iBot reporting in Sir! 8) Guess I'll have to download the game now ;D Welcome back iBot....you better be downloading and getting back in here. Hey there Arc looks like a few more Legion peeps are coming back to get the band back together. Looking to join back up myself.
  11. That's awesome, glad your TF run is successful so far.
  12. Looks like a few more Legion members are showing up. WB Faith and Cry, I believe Arc is restarting the old SG up on Excelsior if you're interested, I'll be moving some heroes/villains there to hopefully join up as well.
  13. Nice. Should be able to knock out part 2 then right in Synapse, looks like your plan of nothing but TF's should be working out
  14. Welcome back Boss, looks like I'm moving heroes and villains to Excelsior
  15. What's up, it's been a while. I see a few of my Legion brothers are making there way back and a few people I remember from the server and some teams I was fortunate to be on
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