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Poison/Water Skips?


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So, I'm working up a Poison/Water build. It seems like a good combo. Poison has some nasty debuffs, along with the regular heal/rez/anti-mezz stuff. Water comes with a bit of KD mitigation and a self-heal, not to mention fun power visual effects. So, I'm looking over the power sets to see what is skippable and it does not look like much. For Poison, I was kind of thinking Neurotoxic Breath, but that massive recharge debuff seems nice. But, will it actually come up very often? For Water, I'm looking at skipping Hydro Blast, maybe. Also, any suggestions for proc slotting is appreciated!

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Much of poison is easily skipped. That is not to say the skippable powers are useless, but its primary power is in envenom, weaken, poison gas trap, and venemous gas.


Alkaloid is a good mule for a heal proc, but not a great heal. If you just spammed it all day it does good heal per second, but you wouldn't be doing anything else useful, and the slow projectile makes it hard to use in emergencies. Pet classes may appreciate it more.


Antidote and elixir are both good mules for +def resist ios. Some people like having their utility as well, which is fine.


The hold would be better if it had a ranged damage component, but it's decent if you aren't picking a better one from epic or secondary. I usually skip it. Since water has no hold, maybe consider it, but definitely take an epic hold instead if you are going with the right pool. They proc up better.


Neurotoxic breath I feel is somewhere between. I skipped it. It won't get much use in higher levels, but it's a nice effect. The biggest problem is the small cone.


Also worth noting is that even the good poison powers don't demand much slotting, expect poison gas trap, which is mostly useful as a proc bomb. This frees you up to make creative io choices and really enhance your secondary.


The only thing I would skip in water blast is the tier 2 blast. Everything else is great.



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