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Do not leave custom channels when deleting a chat tab

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Current functionality: If the custom chat channels a player joins are only present in a single tab for the current character, and that tab is deleted, the custom channels are left/unsubscribed/lost. Even though the channels are account wide and may be on the tabs of other characters, the account leaves all those channels. 


Desired functionality: Do not leave custom chat channels when editing tabs. Remove the functionality that checks if that channel is only on the tab you are removing and, if so, leaves it. The only way to leave a custom channel is to explicitly "Leave Channel" for each one. (Or be kicked by an operator, of course).


Rationale: While adding/removing channels to tabs is on a per character basis, joining/leaving channels is account-wide. Therefore, the actions of arranging a single character's tabs should not affect other characters nor an account's channel subscriptions. In my case, this functionality was brought to light by a misclicked "Delete Tab" on my main Chat window and leaving all my channels (including ones I was operator on), but I do see a valid use case for removing tabs on a single characters while keeping both other character's tabs and channel subscription list intact. I don't really see a valid use case for leaving all subscribed channels when removing a tab that had those channels on it.

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um, I think you may be experiencing a bug, @Perfect Square?


Here's my testing:

Made a new Chat Tab "Test" (private channels omitted for privacy reasons)



While "Game" Tab was selected, made new "Testing Test" Global Channel:



Edited "Game" Tab and Remove >>'d "Testing Test" from Game Tab:



Edited "Test" Tab and added "Testing Test" Global Channel to Test Tab:



Confirmed that "Testing Test" was not active in any other Chat Tab, then deleted "Test" Tab:



Then checked a Tab and confirmed that I was still subscribed to "Testing Test" Global Channel.





So long as you never hit the "Leave Channel" Button or type the /chanleave command, you shouldn't be able to accidentally leave a Global Channel.   If you find that you are, then I am quite certain that's a bug and should be reported for repair.

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Hmmm, great info there. I probably should do some additional testing myself. Thank you for taking the time to test and report the results.


However, I submitted this as a bug, and was explicitly told by a member of the GM team "If the custom chat channels a player joins are only present in a single tab, and that tab is deleted, the custom channels are lost." And a link to this forum was included to submit a change request so here I am.


Clearly, by your tests, that is not always the case. Perhaps there is something special about the default "Chat" channel. It sounds like we agree that your channel subscriptions and selected channels in a tab should not be linked.


I am certain that I right clicked on the main "Chat" tab, clicked <something> in that menu, and the "Chat" tab was removed and I left all my subscribed channels. I had a very large number of them since I play on all the servers so am certain I didn't accidently click "Leave Channel" on each one (and there is no "Leave All Channels" that I've seen). 


Either way, hoping it will get a little attention at some point and it will get changed.

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I just deleted -every- Tab on -all- of my characters on both of the Staging Shards, and I'm still subscribed to all my Global Channels.

I'm still subscribed to them, and still Owner-Operator status in all the appropriate ones.  It appeared to lose all the custom colour data for those Channels, but as soon as I added one of them to an active Tab again, all the other channels had their custom colours restored.

Very curious.

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