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  1. I think Captain Mako's model is a single asset, so I don't think this is presently something the Devs have the tools for. BUT . . . yes. Once they can, it would be great to have some claws in the style of Mako's! . . . but a thought occurs . . . Shouldn't Captain Mako now be Savage Melee? I mean, I get not wanting to muck around with a Signature Character's Powers, but I was just spitballing.
  2. I'm more worried about how you posed the two of them with your angle when you took the snapshot there, @RikOz.
  3. Keeping the ball rolling . . . or I suppose keeping the upright stargate rolling: Favourite Stargate villain?
  4. I would hope that if it prevents the Defeat that would do double-duty of preventing Debt and preventing de-toggling. Might want to also slap a 3 second Invulernability state on it too, just so the player isn't two-shot back down and has a chance to react. At the very least, if such a change isn't made to Revive, I think the cooldown should be dropped to like 30 seconds. If the whole schtick of the Set is falling down and getting up again, then there shouldn't really be any waiting for that to happen.
  5. Which reminds me . . . I once upon a time believed there were more gazebos in the game than there were basketball courts. I was wrong. Very wrong.
  6. Perhaps, but we kind of run in to a problem with that IO Sets don't discriminate between Archetypes. So, if some new Sets were made that favoured Defenses at small Sets combos, then the non-squishies would get just as much mileage out of them, if not more. And, of course, there's the argument folks make along the lines of "a squishie is supposed to be squishie, because they do things non-squishies don't." That particular rabbit hole is one I'll avoid diving down right now, though. However . . . I would certainly not be adverse to some new ATO Sets being introduced. P
  7. I have this nagging feeling that there's at least ONE sports team mentioned . . . but for the life of me, I can't place it. Might be worthwhile popping on to Everlasting and asking there in the General channel during peak hours. Collectively the roleplayers there might have an answer.
  8. Not meaning to escalate, but calling them "mythological" seems pretty disingenuous from my perspective, especially considering I'm fairly sure I've seen you reply to people expressing these personal experiences right here in the forums. And I'll certainly cop to a bias too; I'm a roleplayer, and I primarily introduce roleplayers to this game. It's an easy sell when they see what the game's designed to offer in the form of customization, personalization, and the promise of agency (at least with things like AE or group activities. There's room for improvement in plenty of content). Is it
  9. My spouse was a big fan of the show. After hearing this news, we decided we're going to watch it together. I'll get to experience the series for the first time, and my spouse will get to relive fond memories.
  10. I know about IOs. I know about the market. I also know that a lot of the players who I've personally introduced to the game, or just newbies I've bumped in to while rolling new characters and getting the Tutorial Badges . . . THEY do not know. And they look at it, and it's intimidating and confusing as hell, and they don't WANT to look at it. Sure. Making it more accessible is a noble goal. But many of us aren't here fighting for ourselves. We're here advocating for those players who aren't frequenting the forums. Who aren't doing web searches for guides and outside
  11. Likewise, @Haijinx. I think it's just some incongruence between different device types.
  12. It would definitely be great to have more immersive integration between Bases, Groups, and the rest of the game. I would be supportive of initiatives trying to bridge that gap! In the meantime, though, let's not forget to lean on the resources we already have available to us. Such as the forums here, with the Clubs and Calendars features. While obviously not integrated with the game itself, they are tied to the official website (this place), and as everyone needs an account from here to have a game account, it's a naturally reasonable resource to tap. If the website team would be wi
  13. Rather, give players something that tempts them to slot something OTHER than Performance Shifter in to Stamina.
  14. So, different approach here, @Galaxy Brain . . . if I understood your last post correctly. What if instead of trying to balance the game because many players use lynch pin IOs/Sets, what if we try to diminish the impact of those lynch pins by adding more features to existing Sets and give players reasons to diversify and explore more directions with their builds?
  15. I don't believe there is a simpler way, as there have been a few attempts by players to either perform community projects or encourage the Devs to catalogue and document these things in some way that's more easily accessible than the current wiki format. If that simpler way does exist, I think someone needs to do a more thorough job of advertising it.
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