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The Village of Myst Haven - Open to the public

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With the last building finally finished, the Village of Myst Haven is now open (officially) to the public.




A complete tour will take place Sunday, October 25 at 3:00 p.m. CST (5:00 pm EST and 1:00 p.m. PST).  That's tomorrow!


Naturally, the base is open for touring right now, as the base code is MYSTHAVEN-16373.  Anyone can go in, take a look and see what's been done.  Tomorrow's tour will be filled with the backstory of the base/village.  Your tour guide will be Sheriff John Tiberius Walker (Operative Violet Rose Bravo... my character).  Tour will start around 3:15 p.m to give people time to get in, and will be completely through role play (so, everybody gets to see me try to do a lazy Texas drawl).


This will also be a time that if anyone wants to join the SG (Canyons of Steel) in order to be a resident of Myst Haven.  As we go through the tour, you'll get an idea of what the base and SG is like.


It's my hope that Myst Haven will be an open rp hub for players to come and just hang out as an alternative place to rp.


So come on down tomorrow afternoon (this afternoon if you're reading this on Sunday, October 25 in the morning... and if reading if later in the week, well, it's done, but I may do more later).



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