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Power Color Customization

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I created a new Sonic/Sonic blaster, on the Beta server, and went to choose the color for my powers. I had the Copy Color Across Powerset enabled. I set the color for my first power and expected it to carry over to every power in the set. It did not. I would click on another power and it was colorless (white). When I opened up the color choices, that's when the colors were copied. I had to open and modify every power to get it to the color of the first power. 

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Got some similar-sounding weirdness.


Outside of the Costume Creator, the effects are white on this costume. In the costume creator, the primary set looks fine but the secondary set, though set to Bright Sonic Attack in the main option, wouldn't have a colour appear next to them until I click that power. For me, it set that colour to Red.


If I set the primary set to Match Colours Across Powerset and then check the secondary set, this happens:





I had a similar thing happen on my EM/Rad Scrapper which I'll try and find a way to make happen again. So far not seen on any other character.


Edit: Very hard to replicate and once the powers have been fixed once they seem to stay fixed.

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