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  1. Just gonna throw in, the Abandoned Sewer can absolutely kick my ass sometimes. It's also my favourite trial in the game, partly for that reason.
  2. There are a couple of options here: The first one even looks a little bit sandy... at a stretch. Edit: @MTeague beat me to it!
  3. I knew which mission you were going to talk about from the title. I seem to remember the whole 15 minutes having regular spawns come at the obelisks when Croatoa was first released. In fact, I remember it being really tough and kinda fun. But my memory is not something to be trusted. But whether it's broken or bad in the first place, it could do with a makeover.
  4. Level 131? Guess you got a big grind ahead of you. Best get cracking!
  5. Sounds that way to me - which I'd love to see too! I think the branched goals of Summer Blockbuster could be a great model for other bits of content, especially if it were somehow more seamless. My guess is that Summer Blockbuster and the Haunted House were experiments by the original devs into exactly that. OP may also be asking for a reward or balance system based around smaller teams, but I don't know how that might shape out any different than it already does.
  6. The Praetorian counterparts are just called "mobs".
  7. Careful. You know the old saying. Cheetos never prosper.
  8. I like the ideas that are coming up, but my feeling is that the inherent needs to be resolved first so that we can know what exactly the character of the AT is. I think the AT requires incremental development. The inherent could link to the secondary effects, of course!
  9. It only looks one-handed compared to Troo. Look at him, that guy is HUGE. 😍
  10. It's perfectly sufficient, for sure, on any of the ATs it's available on.
  11. Because it's a farming build, and farming is a slightly different thing in terms of balance. Farming is just about finding the most efficient combination of build and content. As it stands, Fire/Spines in a Fire AE farm is a top choice. Nerf one or the other and all that will happen is the farming shifts to a different build or content. Place a Spines/Fire in other content, however, and they won't outperform so much. In this regard, popularity isn't a very good indicator of performance.
  12. I'd hate to be the person combing this thread for any semblance of feedback.
  13. Bit of pie in the sky, bird-tossed-to-cottage-rule idea: I'd quite like to make the most of both the existing, hip-firing animations and the aimed animations from beam rifle. What if AR got two stances? This would replace Bean Bag. Because screw you, Bean Bag. - Iron Sights: +ToHit, +Dam, -Cone Width. Uses Beam Rifle style animations. - Hip Firing: +Recharge, +Def, +Run Speed. Uses default AR animations. I don't actually think AR needs anything like this, but chucking ideas around is fun. Edit:
  14. It took me a while searching, but I found the pun. I like the ideas if we're throwing cottage rule to the wind. I think Assault Rifle only actually needs a balance pass, but I'd be really glad to see the back of the weird "every gun in one" situation it has going on right now. I don't need no stinkin' bean bag. Gimme bullets, it's a gun! Not sure I'm getting the ammunition mechanic. Lemme see if I'm reading you right: - Player has 20/30 rounds maximum. - While player has rounds, Shot, Burst and maybe Shotgun have no recharge time? (only those powers?) - Once out of rounds, there's a global (?) recharge while player reloads. Having no recharge for 20 or 30 powers in a row is pretty wild. We're talking either very low damage for those powers or a very long reload time. The latter won't be fun, especially early. If the damage isn't really low per round compared with other t1s and t2s, this set would come out way too far on top. Maybe accuracy falls off if you use the powers too much too fast? Wouldn't I just be able to fill that reload time with some of the other powers, like flamethrower, negating the balance it's trying to make? I think there's a workable idea in there, just not sure what it is yet. I do think it should be called Battle Waffle.
  15. ^^ Agreed with both posts. I think random in the sense of 'this could either go to plan or backfire, and we have no way of controlling which' is where the fun is, rather than 'according to the bell curve, it will take me an average of 15 runs of the same content to get the reward I want'.
  16. For sure, if EM adopted the Street Justice mechanic verbatim, then I will personally lend you my torch and pitchfork. It's just not the nature of the set. But as it happens, the particular mechanic that may or may not be on the table is pretty tame.
  17. Your concerns don't really reflect how the dom mechanic works. The way it works on Energy Assault is every single target attack used on a stunned enemy has a chance to proc the boost to a few powers (iirc: bone smasher, whirling hands and power burst.) Total Focus will always give the boost. You can absolute skip or not enhance powers you don't want, since they all can contribute. It's perfectly workable if you just ignore it. I don't know how directly it would port over to EM and work, but I think the impact would be a lot less than you should worry about.
  18. This clue from Captain Petrovich's mission "Take Down Freakshow Boss in Paragon City" from his Iron Widow arc ought to be either in speech marks and first person, or all third person.
  19. But then, unless the revive gets something like the Unstoppable Treatment and has another effect, every regen Brute, Scrapper and Sentinel will be stuck with a revive power when they might not need it anymore. Perhaps T2?
  20. Just by doing anything at all, you're giving us more than we deserve. The community shouldn't hold you to any deadlines and shouldn't ask you to push harder than you're comfortable. Your wellbeing absolutely comes first, without exception. People might get critical, but behind all that we love you guys so much for what you're doing keeping this game alive. ❤️
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