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  1. Just gonna throw in, the Abandoned Sewer can absolutely kick my ass sometimes. It's also my favourite trial in the game, partly for that reason.
  2. There are a couple of options here: The first one even looks a little bit sandy... at a stretch. Edit: @MTeague beat me to it!
  3. I knew which mission you were going to talk about from the title. I seem to remember the whole 15 minutes having regular spawns come at the obelisks when Croatoa was first released. In fact, I remember it being really tough and kinda fun. But my memory is not something to be trusted. But whether it's broken or bad in the first place, it could do with a makeover.
  4. Level 131? Guess you got a big grind ahead of you. Best get cracking!
  5. Sounds that way to me - which I'd love to see too! I think the branched goals of Summer Blockbuster could be a great model for other bits of content, especially if it were somehow more seamless. My guess is that Summer Blockbuster and the Haunted House were experiments by the original devs into exactly that. OP may also be asking for a reward or balance system based around smaller teams, but I don't know how that might shape out any different than it already does.
  6. The Praetorian counterparts are just called "mobs".
  7. Careful. You know the old saying. Cheetos never prosper.
  8. I like the ideas that are coming up, but my feeling is that the inherent needs to be resolved first so that we can know what exactly the character of the AT is. I think the AT requires incremental development. The inherent could link to the secondary effects, of course!
  9. It only looks one-handed compared to Troo. Look at him, that guy is HUGE. 😍
  10. It's perfectly sufficient, for sure, on any of the ATs it's available on.
  11. Because it's a farming build, and farming is a slightly different thing in terms of balance. Farming is just about finding the most efficient combination of build and content. As it stands, Fire/Spines in a Fire AE farm is a top choice. Nerf one or the other and all that will happen is the farming shifts to a different build or content. Place a Spines/Fire in other content, however, and they won't outperform so much. In this regard, popularity isn't a very good indicator of performance.
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