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  1. I'm firmly in that fifth group. This game is definitely targeted at a niche type of person, and towards sunset became increasingly for that certain type of person. A few weeks ago, it definitely hit me hard that I'm not one of those people. I was soloing a lot to try and get any satisfaction at all out of playing, but I was running low on stuff and do and the moment I teamed there was just nothing there for me, to the point I was struggling to complete content out of boredom or getting anxious about missing out on stuff. But y'know, different strokes for different folks. I enjoyed the year of nostalgia, but it's not my cup of tea anymore.
  2. Big no on this suggestion. Hasten is a very powerful choice, and the price tag of a power pick, a pool pick, a slot or two, some boosters and often your autofire power is a pretty fair exchange. I often don't take it, like others because I find I often don't particularly need it. I could get behind Rathulfr's proposed changes here, but I'm not in any rush to see it be changed.
  3. Well done for persevering and getting some results. That's impressive work and is good information too.
  4. The rendering is a different thing, that's more like the method that draws it locally on the screen rather than the mechanism that applies and locates textures. Usually, particularly in games of that era, textures are mapped to a channel that belongs to the model. If the patterns are applied to the game as decal-style things (which is totally possible, but I kinda doubt it), then it might have virtually nothing to do with the model. The difference between the two is very substantial. But yeah, I've only heard bizarre things about CoH's character models and a quick look at OuroDev doesn't seem to have any light on progress there, I dunno if Homecoming have managed to dig into it. The success with 3D printing before was done with a kinda 3D screenshot thing called OGLE, which piggybacks the rendering engine and captures 3D data after the fact. Which sadly doesn't help us as it would be either missing or reinterpreting any texture mapping.
  5. I've never rolled a stone before, so can't give much advice. I have a lot of moss, though.
  6. Are you sure the patterns are added by the game engine (like decals?) and not mapped directly to the models, srmalloy? I do wonder if you're overthinking it and whether an additional pattern layer is actually out of the question. One of those things, I'd need to see the models to know. I wonder if anyone has managed to get under the hood with them yet.
  7. You wouldn't need to teleport (though that combo would be cool). By vectored knockback, I mean to say that entities being knocked are made to follow a specific trajectory rather than just flung into the air away from the player until they collide with something. We saw this being tested on April Fools with the brawl jape sending enemies in random directions. (As opposed to always away from players). So a vectored knockback trajectory could start at the enemy's current location and end at the player. If gale adopted that behaviour, storm characters could pull group of enemies towards them. Paired with a tank to catch the aggro, they'd be a herding superpower.
  8. Procedure, no? (Just googled, Programmed Random Occurrence, apparently. That makes less sense than procedure to me.)
  9. (Edit; Ignore, forgot we were talking about textures. Which, yes, are definitely mirrored. )
  10. Medicine pool but without the beep boop whirr machine. For the magicals.
  11. The massive performance boost hasten gives you comes with a cost of a power pick, a pool power and often your autopower. That's a fair payoff, I think. Don't pick it if that's too much of a cost. I don't often pick hasten unless either I'm really trying to perma something or have the power slot going spare. It rarely feels like it does anything but make my characters go from overpowered to a smidge more overpowered. And I'm paying enough of a tiny modicum of attention on my Doms to click domination when it lights up, no macro needed. I don't want the game to play itself for me. For the topic, I think every powerset having mutually exclusive power picks would be the coolest damn thing in the world. But that may be a CoH2 kinda idea.
  12. While I'm in the camp of 'it aint broke, don't fix', this does sound kinda cool to me.
  13. It's an awesome and maybe slightly above and beyond the scope of the Homecoming team, but I thought I'd throw it out there that the island of Mu is already in City of Heroes.
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