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  1. Yes, in remembrance. Ascendant on HCWiki Why he's on the phone.
  2. You get day job progress based on where you log IN, so under that circumstance you'll get progress towards Cimeroran.
  3. Interesting discovery - turns out that underneath Maelstrom's hair is some different, better looking hair.
  4. I think this is just how they work - the pompom fx persist from your first attack until your character returns to a neutral stance or uses a non-EM power. So they assume whichever colour is assigned to the first attack you use. I imagine it would look worse if the pompoms refreshed at each attack.
  5. To be clear, Chernobog appears in Shauna Stockwell's arc rather than Eagle Eye's. They're sequential.
  6. Dunno about the weird tokens in the dialogue, but the minimap shows correctly on those floors.
  7. Gobbledegook, you're welcome to join the discord. It's not an exclusive club. I'm sure the visibility and accessibility of the discord could be addressed in future. But since 100 people joined over the course of the last few weeks, I don't think anyone thought its visibility was a problem.
  8. Correct now on both a Stalker and Scrapper. Presumably true across the board.
  9. I think this one sounds and looks ok to me now (one audio and fx per target), but I was uncertain in the first place - any different results, @Wavicle ?
  10. Just tried this under those conditions, appears working. @Wavicle could you double check it's working your end?
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