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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. Much love, everyone. ❤️
  2. This thread is clearly about sandwiches and need not diverge from that subject.
  3. The winter forest hasn't actually gone anywhere. You can still access it if you know the secret way in (the bird is no longer the word in this case). Inside, the base portal and TUNNEL entrance are still there, so it's easy to leave. I don't actually know what would happens should the zone be removed - I'm sure this happened with Galaxy City. I kind of remember characters in the ski chalet just getting booted to the main area of Pocket D.
  4. The 'teleport target' power has this functionality. You can use it on friends and foes alike. (Glycerine ninja'd me)
  5. Just finishing a run of Power, first since i27, on an NRG/Rad Scrapper. Low level SOs make ALL the difference; it was a breeze. I imagine most characters will be able to make it through now.
  6. ...and what a good day it was!
  7. Aww man, we missed Linesday this year. 😞
  8. Lines

    Fourth Wall RP

    I think this is really interesting to think about. One thing to consider is that when Deadpool breaks the fourth wall, he's speaking to the reader or viewer as the audience. In game, your audience will be seeing you through other actors in the world. In order to speak to the player, you still have to speak past those characters.
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