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  1. I like it. I'm really pleased that there's a slottable natural-themed travel power. And I most certainly use it for travelling. I also use the keybind Lumi posted and have a habit of pressing the T key to switch between combat and travel powers on all my characters, so the toggle exclusivity is a non-issue for me. I tried and failed to locate the discussion, but I remember that removing the stealth power exclusivity was something that the devs wanted to do but technically couldn't. So it wasn't that they forgot or thought it was better without. Stealth as a function would need to b
  2. While I don't disagree with you, MK hasn't really proposed any changes or explicitly stated any goals here. I think this thread is more of a temperature check. I don't necessarily think there's any good reason to slow down the pace to 50 and to incarnates. Players have found, as they are prone to do, optimised ways to getting to those levels and those won't be going away. That maximised rate of progression probably won't change much regardless of any boundaries that are put in place and there is already a lot of customisation for players who don't take those routes.
  3. You're incredibly close. Mercy Island hosted the second iteration of project FURY after Warburg was taken over. It might still be there in some capacity, but it's now mostly in Grandville. The cesspool is indeed venom from arachnoids, so there's some residue of Recluse's blood still mixed in. No idea what Flying V Industries might be, however. An Arachnos subcontractor is a solid guess. Or maybe they moved into a vacant Project FURY lab. I certainly like the Pegasus/Gorgon connection, that's fun!
  4. It's a chinese knot, like a luck charm. This sort of thing. ...Or maybe a hula dancer with no arms.
  5. At the moment, it can be done on a power that already had the functionality at null (mystic flight, speed of sound, etc). Then respeccing to fly will keep the server tray hidden. I'm sure it will be an option with the new powers before the page goes live.
  6. I think assumptions around the name Afterburner has caused a bit of confusion in the update. Afterburner has had its behaviour altered (refocusing on in-combat benefits rather than travel) and has been renamed to Evasive Maneuvers. It covers a lot of the functions that Afterburner had, had the 'Only Affecting Self' removed and added immob and -fly protection plus knockback resistance. Flight now has a new power built in called Afterburner, which gives short boosts to flight speed. It's a new thing, not related to the old Afterburner. So Evasive Maneuvers has
  7. Transferred a character with the speed pool from live to beta. Enhancement screen shows a second mention of Speed: It doesn't show up in the powers window. This isn't present on the same character on Live. (Don't judge my whirlwind)
  8. To reproduce: Have a character with fly and evasive manoeuvres. Place Afterburner in the power tray. Change zones. Afterburner is replaced with evasive manoeuvres. Also manoeuvres is hard to spell.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear this. Much love, everyone. ❤️
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