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  1. You're definitely not alone in feeling that way, but the solution is a little more complicated than it might first appear.
  2. I agree that upping difficulty doesn't have to have unique rewards (besides maybe badges?) and certainly not unique drops, IOs, anything like that. Nothing that some players would be gated from. Actually, I think since the introduction of merits, CoH has a very positive 'play the way you like' system, and I'd like to see that widened rather than narrowed. Quantity of the same things, maybe. It happens already with XP and inf, but not merits right now. A taskforce run at +0/x1 has the same merit value as +4/x8. I actually think the whole reward economy needs a look at, to give merits more direct buying value anyway. But I don't know that territory nearly as well as others do. In many ways, I'm in support of making the character building part of the game easier.
  3. Being ignored by devs is kinda the Kheldians' whole schtick.
  4. There's a pretty substantial thread about this with a variety of ideas in there. And a lot of other things. It went off track. Also this one in the market forums. Whatever the cause, I'd just encourage people to sell their yellow salvage on the market rather than to shops. Everyone wins in the long run. Not by much, but it's still a win.
  5. By comparison, the ones in your composition are quite staccato and higher pitched. "Ding!" rather than "Whumm!" But also, I'm not sure the theme calls for it. The sound fits an action sequence, but the Atlas Park theme is fairly static. More of an optimistic 'the adventure begins' kinda deal that you'd get on an aerial shot of the city. If you can take the motif and turn it into an action track, that would be pretty sweet, but I don't think you're there yet.
  6. I'd quite like to see the existing hazard zones become available for both sides. Villains can head to those areas of Paragon City and carry out some villainous arcs. Like Co-op zones without the Co-op. Or PvP zones without the PvP. Plus, villains making deliberate attacks on Paragon could help the issue of redside not feeling villainous enough.
  7. Honest opinion, could you post a version without the treble percussion sound (I'm not sure what instrument it is), or switch it out for a bassier thud? It's oddly distracting, so much that I'm struggling to register the rest. I really like what I'm hearing of the main melody in that chorus voice.
  8. I can't believe that behavior of quantums is anything other than a bug.
  9. Aw dang, reading this got me pretty excited. Someone get Jimmy on the line. or Positron. We need this by yesterday.
  10. Not to mention with the War Walker, there kinda already is post-Praetorian invasion content there. It's a good staging ground for another Dark Astoria. We have incarnate level Tsoo and Family that could get in on the action too, plus endgame level clockwork and council. There's real scope for the plot of Paragon City to develop there.
  11. Necroing this thread, because this is a thing right now and I'm really proud of myself. Oh, and also that I've overtaken Juba. That's really important to me too.
  12. I absolutely agree. There are a few existing zones that could become a lot more incarnate focused, such as the shadow shards. I'm also wondering about Crey's Folly. Does anything even happen there? It's an awesome looking zone where nothing happens.
  13. The solutions are way more about increasing the options and diversity of difficulties and challenges in the game. A lot of people love the game, including the roflstomp endgame where most of these discussions are most opposed. I want to see changes in that area, but I wouldn't want anything taken away from those who love it.
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