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  1. It's a chinese knot, like a luck charm. This sort of thing. ...Or maybe a hula dancer with no arms.
  2. At the moment, it can be done on a power that already had the functionality at null (mystic flight, speed of sound, etc). Then respeccing to fly will keep the server tray hidden. I'm sure it will be an option with the new powers before the page goes live.
  3. I think assumptions around the name Afterburner has caused a bit of confusion in the update. Afterburner has had its behaviour altered (refocusing on in-combat benefits rather than travel) and has been renamed to Evasive Maneuvers. It covers a lot of the functions that Afterburner had, had the 'Only Affecting Self' removed and added immob and -fly protection plus knockback resistance. Flight now has a new power built in called Afterburner, which gives short boosts to flight speed. It's a new thing, not related to the old Afterburner. So Evasive Maneuvers has
  4. Transferred a character with the speed pool from live to beta. Enhancement screen shows a second mention of Speed: It doesn't show up in the powers window. This isn't present on the same character on Live. (Don't judge my whirlwind)
  5. To reproduce: Have a character with fly and evasive manoeuvres. Place Afterburner in the power tray. Change zones. Afterburner is replaced with evasive manoeuvres. Also manoeuvres is hard to spell.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this. Much love, everyone. ❤️
  7. This thread is clearly about sandwiches and need not diverge from that subject.
  8. The winter forest hasn't actually gone anywhere. You can still access it if you know the secret way in (the bird is no longer the word in this case). Inside, the base portal and TUNNEL entrance are still there, so it's easy to leave. I don't actually know what would happens should the zone be removed - I'm sure this happened with Galaxy City. I kind of remember characters in the ski chalet just getting booted to the main area of Pocket D.
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