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  1. I'm guessing there's some messy behind-the-scenes model action going on preventing this, but I was wondering if the trenchcoats (that were once unlocked by veteran reward, I think) could be moved into the normal jackets and sleeveless jackets costume option? The trenchcoat option is a lot more limited in what you can pair with it, especially when it comes to gloves. It would be nice to be able to mix it up with some of the other sleeves too. But knowing this game, I'm betting those trenchcoats are attached to the character models' pinky toe or something.
  2. That's exactly where I predict I'd end up under those circumstances. I like to have goals and to have resistance. Character development is a part of what makes RPGs neat. I'm not too sure you'd have much game left without it.
  3. I notice you've never won a day. I have. October 15th. Won it.
  4. I take a few prompts from a bunch of characters for most part, who have become their own things in their own ways, but my main Tanker, SENTRYMAN is a pretty direct Superman influence. Only, where DC have wrestled with Supes to try to keep him relevant, Sentryman totally leans into the irrelevancy. He's an outdated, washed up relic of golden age superheroes, still fighting the cold war and completely out of touch with modern life.
  5. It's not that your build up power recharges instantly to click, like with the stalker ATO. It means you get the build up effect procedurally applied directly to you.
  6. They're on the AH and are seeded there at a fixed price. They're listed under Salvage > Special.
  7. I think that's more or less the consensus. Though I'm well down for going all out communism here. But only for those cool fluffy hats.
  8. A combo of Knockup, chase the target and then knockdown with Air Superiority would be the most superhero goddamn thing if it were an effective tactic.
  9. October 15th is mine. I will be recognised for this feat and it will henceforth be celebrated across the forum as Linesday. Everyone look forward to Linesday.
  10. All in favour of a red-and-gold forum theme revamp, say aye.
  11. It's a big ol' right hook. Your character leans back into it, lifts a leg to build momentum, and then whallop across the bad guys. I've put Crosspunch onto a few characters now. I really like it as a power and it feels good to use, especially when you manage to land it on a small crowd.
  12. I think OP is making a fair enough observation. Being a casual player, though, somewhere around the second category, I wouldn't say the game urgently needs a rebalance. I like the long haul. The game rewards do still revolve around an SO based economy, so maybe it could be beefed up a little. But that could contribute to inflation, and I can do without that.
  13. It makes you smell funny. We've all been thinking it, but someone had to say it. Oh, Bio armour! Thought we were talking about BO armour
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