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  1. Kinda like the Vanellope in Wreck-It Ralph?
  2. Yes, they were on Victory. That was my home server and I remember them.
  3. Hey Piecemeal, thank you for your response. Reading it over, because I didn't save myself, I went BACK into the mission and it ended, it reads as sarcasm. He didn't use the word "coward", but that's what I felt like he was implying. If I had let time run out while I was standing outside the door.. well.. that's a different story.
  4. I didn't get a chance to run this in Beta, but I ran it in live and just finished... and I'm pissed off. The ending REALLY torqued me. I solo-ed this arc. The mission where you have to corrupt the data and then put out the fires: I believe it was designed to be failed. All of the ambushes and the fire damage made it tough to finish it in 5 minutes. I died, had to hospital, and wasn't able to put out the fires. I don't mind failing a mission, that happens. However, I *do* mind being called a coward at the end of the arc. To be told that I decided to save my own life over those who may have per
  5. Maybe it needs a "whoosh" aura when the character runs? 🙂
  6. No, it's not just you. I revoked Ninja Run to get Athletic run and saw that it seems no better than sprint. There has to be a bug...
  7. Every costume is automatically changed to shades of green? (Temporarily, of course)
  8. GM's or Events by month... January - We have Baby New Year in the winter event and he is already IS kinda scary February - Groundhog Day - A giant Punxsatawney Phil goes on a rampage in Perez Park looking for his shadow March - St. Patrick's Day - The Snakes from the Rogue Isles rise up in a concerted revolt. April - We have the Trickster May - Mother's Day - Mother Nature is back and boy is she pissed June - June 30th is Meteor Day - Meteor strikes releasing Shivans by the boatloads. (obscure, but we already have Father Time in the winter event) July - The Mad Patriot?
  9. I want a giant lifelike heart bouncing down the streets of Steel Canyon squirting blood on every bounce..
  10. Thanks.. I'll try that. The message, which maybe I read too fast, seemed to say you could start with Kuzmin.
  11. I did a search in the topic and didn't find anything, so excuse me if this has been asked already. I've just created a Widow and when I entered the game, I got a message I could see Operative Kuzmin to follow a specific track. Well, he doesn't come up in my contacts list (tried finding) and if I go talk to him, he won't talk to me. Was that Arachnos track removed from the game?
  12. I created a new Sonic/Sonic blaster, on the Beta server, and went to choose the color for my powers. I had the Copy Color Across Powerset enabled. I set the color for my first power and expected it to carry over to every power in the set. It did not. I would click on another power and it was colorless (white). When I opened up the color choices, that's when the colors were copied. I had to open and modify every power to get it to the color of the first power.
  13. Just started with this powerset. It seems that when Sonic Thrust misses, it doesn't play it's sound fx.
  14. I miss the Taxibots hanging out in The Hollows to help us not have to take the death train back to the entrance.
  15. I remember when the tank would dumpster dive with an impossible number of mobs and I would run in, use my blaster's Nova and all would be dead. It would make me laugh every time!
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