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  1. Even tho I am technically doing nothing, I love doing this. I watch my numbers all the time. I can't believe I am over 600K! I hope that something good comes out of what I am doing 🙂
  2. Steamrolling is something you do to Cabbage Patch Dolls... Oh.. in terms of game play.. Steamrolling, to me, is a byproduct of finding out you have an overpowered team. I've not heard of someone setting up a TF for steamrolling because you don't normally know it's going to happen until the team starts playing together. But if the leader said, "We're going to steamroll this", I would know what was meant.
  3. I play on two different systems, my home PC and my laptop when at work or on the road. I set up all my windows the way I like on my PC and then went into options and saved the setting to the default file. Because the laptop has a different screen, everything would be smushed and I would have to re-arrange the windows again. Then it dawned on me that the default files are saved locally. So, I set all my windows up on my laptop and saved them to the default file. When I switch machines, I just type /wdwload and the windows switch to whatever machine I am using. (I use the default files - windows, key mapping, chat, and options for every new toon I create. Saves so much time because I remap almost all of my power tray keys to my numpad.)
  4. I always thought this was meta:
  5. I can't find them right now, but I have 5 bumper stickers I got here:
  6. I still have, and wear, my FREEM shirt.
  7. Chuckers

    Best for Solo?

    You're not a true blaster until you've waited in a team fight to level-rez.
  8. Chuckers

    Best for Solo?

    I used Water/Atomic for mine.. and got him up to 50. He's a lot of fun, especially if you want to blapper! Atomic has some good holds and melee powers.
  9. I believe you can just make the folders yourself. My main folder is /CoX and everything works fine under that directory. I had to create a fonts folder to make a change to my fonts. Edited: So, that I am not talking out of my butt, I just had to create the folders. Once done, I put all the files in the /menu folder, started CoX, made my macro and BAM works just fine 🙂
  10. I am not doubting your issue, but on Saturday, I did ToTing in Kallisti wharf, in about an hour, I had the tip drop 4 times and I was able to get all 6 badges for the tip mission (I had done one tip mission previously). I made sure to knock on doors while in costume. I do not remember if I got the tip as a treat or as a drop from fighting door mobs.
  11. I'll have to check when I get home... I can physically move the mouse across the monitors, but it jumps on it's own accord.
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