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  1. I have to disagree with this as well. I understand where you're coming from and appreciate the idea, but I have a 50 with not many badges. But she did content all the way. With double XP, it means that she basically did half the content needed and therefor wouldn't have as many badges as one would think.
  2. To this day, when I see a large number of inactive days on a toon I want to keep, I will log in and log out just to reset that. I have no problem with the plan that was described previously.
  3. I remember that post about only releasing a small amount of names, but was that a percentage vs. the live population? I believe this would be different than Live. I think there would be more released here in regard to the size of the population and the percentage would look higher.
  4. I miss the Taxibots hanging out in The Hollows to help us not have to take the death train back to the entrance.
  5. I remember when the tank would dumpster dive with an impossible number of mobs and I would run in, use my blaster's Nova and all would be dead. It would make me laugh every time!
  6. Devouring Earth eminators (pets) used to spawn as Lieutenants.
  7. Thank you SO much! I am honored to be with such wonderful memories. Akeela, your memory made me cry.
  8. You were TOO nice about that... have you been here long? 🤣 I really liked your idea, but I never thought someone would take both either.
  9. With all the electric characters I've played, and I'll admit it's not a lot, the end reduction doesn't really help unless there's a few electric players on a team. As a mostly solo player, fire's secondary outranks electric's end drain. YMMV.
  10. Not saying that you're not having problems, but just for informational purposes, I just played for about an hour with no issues.
  11. So, I decided to take Mu Mastery to switch things up... I've only got the first two powers, but in all honesty, I think making the enemies lick a 9 volt battery would cause more damage.
  12. I think the OP is just fishing for likes...
  13. I had been playing CoH since just after it went live in stores. It was a little more than 2 years and I still hadn't gotten a "50." The joke in my SG was that when I hit 50, I wanted a parade and fireworks. We were playing at night of the 4th of July. Capt. Colorblind, my main - an Energy/Fire blaster, hit 50 in a cave mission - while face-planted, no less. As I was cheering and being "grats-ed", I heard the park down the street from my apartment lighting off their 4th Fireworks. So, while I didn't get a parade, I got my fireworks!
  14. Maybe it's by account.. My friend and I created our characters within minutes of each other and entered each zone at the same time and ended up with the same contact in KR, but different contacts in Steel.
  15. Okay.. we can leave one inside.. if I can always choose the outside one 😉 I think we should have an undercover detective that we have to meet at the Paragon Dance party... or he's IN a mailbox on the street of Brickstown.
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