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Bug Report: Several Announcement Posts Not Showing as New

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A while ago, I discovered a series of Announcement threads that I hadn't read, but did not get flagged as "New/Unread" for me when they were posted.


I chalked it up to maybe me just being distracted or maybe some one-time fluke of the forum software.

However, today was the day I could confirm it.


I definitely did not read that thread before, but when I clicked on it, Squidget's reply had the "New Content Starts Here" divider above it.


 I'm not 100% sure what's causing it, but I have some theories.

To confirm my leading theory . . . GMs!   Are you posting threads in some kind of "hidden" mode, and then revealing the threads after-the-fact?  If so, then I believe that method of posting is causing errors related to users' "read receipts" for your announcements.

This may be worth investigating further to see if there's a fix for it.   Of all the threads I don't want to miss, the Announcements are at the top of the list.

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