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Hero Corps Logo

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Oh hey it's this thread again.


It has been over a year, the Hero Corps logo is still not available to player characters. Given all the other logos that do exist, this just flat out doesn't make sense- Arachnos, Freedom Corps, the friggin Council, and even Void Sanction (Hero Corp's dark edgy underbelly) has a logo, and Void Sanction's whole thing is about being completely undetected and untracable so it doesn't even make sense they have a logo in the first place does it even show up anywhere other than character creator.


In any case, the logo. It would be really nice- In particular for my Hero Corps supergroup, but for any number of characters that want to represent that faction. We know the piece exists in-game, the field analysts have it. If it be the logo added to chest details or that whole weird logo/harness thing, having it would be nice.

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