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Thinking about it for a second, that's the way you'd have to do it to make it fair to everyone on the team, no waiting around for that one guy who didn't skip it or anything.


OTOH, I have a feeling if such a thing was created, none of us would ever see a cut scene ever again, including new players until they grew up enough to run their own teams.


Maybe because I haven't run all these things a billion times even before HC, but I don't mind cut scenes all that much, really.


50s (Indom and Excel):  Bluefox (Rad/Beam Rifle Corr), King Pumpkin Spice 🎃 (Mercs/Nature MM), Stupid Like A Fox (Time/DP Def), Poltergeist Prince (Darkness Control/Empathy 'Troller), Capt Sam's Space Zoo (Beast/FF MM), Snake Charming (Mind Control/Poison Troller), The Midnight Bridge (Storm/Rad Blast 'Fender)  Pawkysham Vex (Illusion/Trick Arrow Controller)  Piikal and P'Zhowm (Grav/Energy Dom)

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