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  1. Mark me down as another PUGger, because that's all I can get, I don't have a chance to play often enough to make friends in the game (not that I haven't tried, but...). I think the only really bad experience I had with a TF was the one where you fight Recluse at the end with the colored towers and you really need a tank to kite him around while the rest of you take out the towers first? Generally things still go just fine for me. Next time people complain about the game being too easy, tell them to PUG for one of the tougher TFs, it's a gamble and can really push you out of your
  2. Meanwhile this game has gotten too easy! 😃
  3. Some ATs ride the ragged edge of disaster with wildly swinging green bars, Doms do it with their blue bar.
  4. Not when it applies across an entire zone, not just which mission I pick from a list.
  5. I am familiar with the loud cry of "the challenge has been lost!" here and elsewhere. Maybe so? I feel that's a subjective call. And if anyone's feeling tedium with the game, that's really more about them than the game; maybe they've played it too much (I know I have and the second I feel that tedium I log off). I could be wrong, but I think the original devs took out some of the End-drain nuke effects, and people do very much so still carefully consider the builds, at least as much if not morseso than they once did (I'm guessing we're a concentrated group of hardcore players mo
  6. But you're still putting the onus on me. I mean, sure, I'll not die mad over it, but still.
  7. I haven't been on many runs of that one, I think only twice? One we whiffed it big time. So the game is not all 100% "way OP" or anything, goign by my anecdotal evidence. TYou can always recruit people telling them to not use their Incarnate powers if they have them. Play the way you want! Just don't ask that everyone else be forced into playing that way too. (I do agree that I fond everything below 50 much more fun)
  8. Generally, if your team is having any real problem with those adorable little tykes, your team is probably doomed, ha ha.
  9. I'd kind of thought those little guys didn't count? I mean, that's the feeling I've gotten from my runs through, but maybe that means my teammates were carrying me by taking the time to wipe them up when I wasn't looking.
  10. So like every zone after midnight or so? Not my idea of a good time as I'm a shift worker and spend over half my CoH hours in the middle of the night.
  11. That describes about half of my runs. I just laugh, it's sort of like watching a cat jump for a window sill and biff it.
  12. I never said "kill the story!" I said replace the fluff with more, better story. I hate speed running too, mainly because it tends to be a few people ignoring the rest of the team to rush ahead.
  13. I barely ran TFs during Live, and even I know it as that.
  14. I'm all for revamping them all, mainly to get rid of the fluff, but to hopefully replace that with actually more engaging content. I don't want them to be shorter, just more exciting than "go hunt kil 20 ____" and "now go zone to click on a contact then have to zone back" silliness. Drop in another AV or a different enemy group/map, make it more interactive somehow, just not more "oh hey we found another cave of Council who need to get a beating!"
  15. They're super cops sent to fight the ridiculous amount of super villains, it kind of tracks. But oh lord does it get old too, I feel ya.
  16. Which isn't something you see happen much outside of "prime time" hours. Hell, I just spent about five hours logged on over the past two days (during my hours, which are not prime time thanks to my work schedule) and still haven't gotten the badges from Rikti invasions with my favored toon right now (a Defender was just not made to punch out enough bombs on their own without some help I guess!). I can see the viewpoint against it so too though, sure, yet...
  17. Inanimate Carbon Rod, Dr. Forrester, all of the above... I've wondered if anyone's ever compiled a solid list of all the call-outs and injokes in CoH.
  18. It's funny, I don't even use it that much. I've never had a Grav anything this high before and just haven't developed a feel for using WH yet. I even posted a thread about it not long ago in the Dom forums looking for advice! I do tend to team, so say seven times out of ten it doesn't matter anyway... but dropping them on Sing is a good idea for solo work no doubt.
  19. The only new Dom I've made since HC arrived is an Energy Assault/Grav and she's been stupid fun. She wasn't a tank in the early days or anything, more like playing a careful blaster/troller, sort of hang in back and try to not get noticed at first when the fighting starts, it was like a careful mix of seeing who I needed to control/soft control by knocking over, then attacking when I had the chance. Then she was freezing people in place to then move closer to beat the snot out of them. Then she got her Singularity and all hell's broken lose. I can still keep to the back and control if I fe
  20. I am so there for that. Sexy Dr. Aeon can sign me up any time!
  21. I feel you, LadyDee. I'm a bad Emp in that I've often felt like dropping the power all together, because I keep forgetting it's a thing to help out someone going Zzzz. Basically I just send it along with the other two big powers (Fort, Ad. Boost), just cuz it's there, but yeah, I'm not going to just sit there and click it endlessly for a team. And yet I too feel badly when one of them dies! Maybe this is why I only have one Emp.
  22. *shrug* I can't say I recall fighting many AVs that didn't end badly for the AV within like two minutes or less. And if it took longer, then I felt like I'd accomplished something so it was win-win!
  23. I am, yes! I have to admit with great shame and dishonor that I don't recall your name there. I'm bad at names over long term. :P
  24. No idea what folks are complaining about with that voice acting - it sounded like people, at least, not ridiculously cartoon stock characters rejected from Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the 1970s. Back when I first got into CoH, the friend who hooked me was also playing WoW and that was a real turn-off, that's exactly what those voices reminded me of; if that's "professional voice acting," to hell with that. But yeah, I'd completely turn it all off too if I could, no voice-acting is going to work for all people.
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