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Sorter for Souvenirs


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Hi, as title, is there a sorting system already as an addon and if not would it be possible to get one?

Why now, well with the new redside arc badge, there are 17 items to fill before it awards.

Some (one?) are souvenirs.

I just went to check my main badge alt and I have literally 100’s of them.

All in a complete random order and a nightmare to find a specific one.

A simple drop down menu or popup menu that offers a selection of sort criteria would be fantastic.



by red or blue

by level

a n other.

Thoughts please, many thanks

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I think the best way to check your Souvenirs is to go to a Pillar of Ice and Flame and access your missions list.  Al the missions marked in Gold you have the Badge and/or Souvenir for it.  To be thorough, you'd have to go to Null the Gull to change from Hero/Vigilante to Villain/Rogue (or vice versa) to check the other side if you've played both.


Unfortunately, I don't know if there's any better way of checking them.


Further infomation on the Homecoming Wiki, but that may not be up to date yet.





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