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Running on Empty Badge Bug


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Has anyone else had issues with Malta Sappers not being credited towards the new running on empty defeat 200 Malta Sappers badge in Ouro arcs? I defeated over 30 in a Black Scorpion arc through Ouro and zero were credited towards the badge.

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I wonder then if the Black Scorpion arc uses the MaltaFake group? There are technically three versions of Malta in the game:

  • Malta (villaingroup 42, Levels 41-54. Encountered in all the usual places, plus one outlier Zeus Titan EB at Levels 20-34 for Roy Cooling's arc)
  • MaltaEndgame (villaingroup 150, Levels 50-54. Used in Dark Astoria arcs and Tin Mage TF )
  • MaltaFake (villaingroup 43, Levels 35-54. I've never known exactly where they're used, but always assumed in an Issue 1 arc due to the similar villaingroup number, maybe Founder's Falls with the lower level? Maybe as a Nemesis related mission with Crimson? Or entirely possible that they went unused back then.)


If this is the MaltaFake group, as far as I'm aware and at least back on live, they also do not have badge tracking for Zeus Titans for the Monkeywrencher Badge. May be worth seeing if the arc gives Zeus defeats, as that would confirm it, unless that's been changed since Issue 24.


If you ever see Malta Level 40 or below, outside of the one EB in Roy Cooling's arc, then they are MaltaFake.


Edit: Having thought about it and checked, I remembered that the Patrons and Rein are now available at 35! I suspect that Black Scorpion's missions having MaltaFake in them is a result of this Issue 21 change, reducing the level requirements of Arbiter Rein and the Patrons from 40 to 35. Since the regular Malta group do not go as low as 35, the arc instead uses MaltaFake which can go that low!


Edit2: Spun up a quick test character, but Zeus Titans in this arc do seem to count for Monkeywrencher defeats. Still pretty confident that the Malta used in this arc are MaltaFake, I suspect that MaltaFake Zeus Titans were given badgetracking in Issue 25 and beyond, but this has not been extended to the new badge with MaltaFake Sappers.


Edit3: This is likely to also affect Scirocco's Rescue Wretch mission, and maybe Ghost Widow's Set a trap for Numina mission, though this mission may just contain a single Gunslinger boss spawn, but would likely also use MaltaFake.


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Edit: Level change likely cause
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