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Defender Primary: Dual Pistols - Trick Ammo


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I was playing a TA/DP Defender for a bit and was thinking that I would definitely like to see the Trick Arrow powers leveraging Dual Pistols.  It would be much more thematic for me than trying to use a Bow + Pistols.  I would also suggest doing this with Assault Rifle as well, so 2 new sets:


  • Assault Rifle - Trick Ammo
  • Dual Pistols - Trick Ammo


Trick Ammo are configured with a wide variety of payloads which can dramatically change the course of the battlefield.


  • Entangling Arrow = Entangling Ammo
  • Flash Arrow = Flash Ammo
  • Glue Arrow = Glue Ammo
  • Ice Arrow = Ice Ammo
  • Poison Gas Arrow = Poison Gas Ammo
  • Acid Arrow = Acid Ammo
  • Disruption Arrow = Disruption Ammo
  • Oil Slick Arrow = Oil Slick Ammo
  • EMP Arrow = EMP Ammo


That is all...

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Could be a fun theme option for TA at the tailor, though I'm not sure it's worth making as a new set (or sets).  I'd probably change a few (if not all) of those to grenades instead though...


The trouble with making new sets is diversity, that is, any given set will feel, and play, different than other sets.  With TA, Traps, and Devices already set up for ranged tech/natural heroes, it'll be fairly difficult to set up another tech-themed set.  That said, a Malta/Knives-themed DP support set could be really fun to play with, though I suspect that'd be more suitable as a blaster secondary, theme-wise.

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