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Community Costume Contest 28.11 - Paragon Patrol


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Thank you Reunion!


Again, it was a blast hosting this Costume Contest, we were happy with the amount of people attending.
It was alot of fun to see what you guys cooked up in the mythology kitchen.

As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back to you with another happening.


The Theme


Mythology and its Creatures



The Winners


Gotta say deciding this time was alittle bit harder, maybe that was due to the theme we picked, its boundaries and what we valued in the costumes. We are still finding our way of doing this fun and fair for everyone. We hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners.


(listed from left to right)

Fifth Place: Khernnounos, the celtic god of animals, nature and fertility. (20mil influence)


Fourth Place: Pharaoh Ra, the egyptian sun god as a human depiction. (40mil influence would have been the prize but he declined and wanted to donate it for our future contests, Thank you !)


Third Place: Undine, a water nymph or an elemental water being. (60mil influence)


Second Place: Mechsiah, robo-jesus with the 10.cmd's (80mil influence)


First Place: Sun God Ra, another take on the big vitamin D energy god of the egyptian pantheon. (100mil influence)




The prizes this time were made possible by the very generous

CHAM CO. Farming & Finance


For some extra pictures take a peek here:



Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !


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