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Kheldian Inherent Buff


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Hi all.  Posted this in the wrong Suggestion Forum.  Doh.


Was playing a Defender the other day and realized one of the main reasons it solos so much more easily than my pre-40 Human Shade is the Inherent Defenders have functions solo.


Even Sentinel’s Inherent which people say underperforms at least gives you SOMETHING when solo.



My thought is this:  have Dark Sustenance/Cosmic Balance provide 10% Damage, 10% Resistance, and Mag 2 mez protection.  This is always on regardless of team composition.



When solo, this would simulate being on a varied 4 person team and finally gives Khelds minor mez protection in a lore-friendly way.


It also helps a bit with Human/Nova survivability and the somewhat low damage in Dwarf/Human Forms (when compared to many other ATs.)


This would stop a great majority of the “trash mob detoggling” issue that powers like Orbiting Death have, while still keeping Dwarf and Break Frees necessary to survive the mez off a Madness Mage or Consigliere, for example.


Acrobatics would suddenly be very useful to Shades, as it’d now stack to give Mag 4 Hold protection (finally a reason to use it instead of a KB Res IO).  Acro is a bit less useful on perma-Light Form PBs, but exemping it would still be handy in Human.


Khelds could really use something like this, as they’re probably the AT that was left to languish the most even back in the days of Live.  The gaping mez hole in a toggle-heavy AT has never been addressed.

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Make it Mag 4 protection like Bane/Crab Spider Armor.

Running Acro has too many pre-reqs and would only provide an additional mag 2 hold protection while other mez types would stay at 2. The opportunity cost for it is too great when Shades are already have so many good power picks in their kit that many consider mandatory.
Human form only builds are already pigeonholed hard into getting mez protection from other sources at the cost of power picks and/or reliance on clarion which for many is a reason people drop their shades. Mez has never been an issue for me personally as I just use break frees, but detoggling/retoggling inky and OD has made me abandon Human Form only builds for a while now in favor of Triform and going toggle-less.

Khelds need a QoL pass, but more-so on the Human Form side IMO and particularly on the Warshade side and the request for some kind of baseline inherent mez protection is one that keeps coming up.

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