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Procs question

Nightmarer 2

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Hello and apologies if this has been previously asked, i couldn't find anything but I admit my search-fu is not the best. On the subject of procs and ppm, I was wondering, if a proc labelled as "4 ppm" and "58.3% chance hit or miss against critters", does it mean it will check for a 58.3% chance to proc every 15 seconds? 


It is a bit confusing since apparently, proccing pseudo-pets is not optimal due to the chance to proc checking every 10 seconds so I am sure I am missing something because these do not add up. 


Also, can anyone please point me to the spreadsheet that cathegorizes all procs by chance to proc? I see Perfect Zinger's ps dmg proc has a 20% chance to hit or miss against critters in Mid's but not sure Mid's is updated to such depth of detail.


In the meantime, I keep checking the guides section to see if I find anything regarding this subject but so far, no luck.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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16 hours ago, Nightmarer said:

now I guess I could use some advice on how to delete topics and posts in forums :p


Never acknowledge you posted the thread in the firts place, block any replies from showing up in your email.  Deny everything.  Threaten legal action if anyone ever raises the topic again.

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