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Commands Popmenu including Long Range Teleport Available Zones


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To access common commands shared by most or all my toon alts without having them take up slots in Powers Trays, I've brought them together into a Commands Popmenu.  Issue 27 Page 1 added Popmenu features to show icons and recharge state in Popmenus.



Version 20211018a release for Homecoming i27p1, i27p2 to 2021 Oct 05 patch


Download the Popmenu file here.



The popmenu file has its version in its name.  New version releases will just require replacing the file without any need to change binds or macros.



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Version 20211018a release for Homecoming i27p1, i27p2 to 2021 Oct 05 patch


Version 20211018a changelog from 20201216a


- Under "Fast Travel" menu, removed Hot Keys from Day Job Powers with charges
- Added "Lockout Powers+Travel" menu for "Only Affect Self" and powers that disable all others
- Renamed "Rest, Reveal, Rez" menu to "Rest, Reveal, MSI, Rez"
- To it added "Mystic Fortune", "Secondary Mutation", "Inner Inspiration" powers
- Added Temp Powers menu with Temporary Powers from Winter Event and charges in Superpacks
- Added main menu "LRTP ready" entry to show when recharged
- Under LRTP Praetoria menu, fixed icons for First Ward and Night Ward
- Split Emotes menu into several, added more emotes

Still only a subset of emotes and more likely won't be added

Suggest Universal Emotes by AboveTheChemist for a complete popmenu of emotes




Version 20201216a first release for Homecoming i27p1 to 2020 Dec 01 patch


- Using i27p1 features to show power icons and recharge state




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Place the popmenu file in this location in your City install, creating the folders if they don't exist.  Use only one Commmands file in your install.  After replacing the file, restart your City client program to load the new popmenu.


<City install root>/data/texts/English/Menus/

Finding Your City Install Root on Windows for HC Launcher, Tequila, Island Rum

Replace "English" with the language of your install (see the Wiki page for details).



On your current logged in toon, invoke the Popmenu to see its Commands menus.  Best invoked by keypress, allowing placement of the mouse pointer to the upper left to allow the submenus to cascade to the right and down.


Bind it to a key, example 'P':

  • /bind N "popmenu commands"

Or create a macro and put it in your trays:

  • /macro CMD "popmenu commands"





To select powers with the mouse, hover your mouse in the upper left of your screen, then press the key to trigger the bind.  You'll then see the main menu with each entry cascading to a submenu or a power.


If a power is available, its name is bright aqua.  If not available, either not owned, not recharged, or disabled (as are self-rez powers if the toon isn't defeated), its name is greyed out.


The White Letters are the menu entries' Hotkeys, allowing quick entry of commands.  For example, to invoke the Ouroboros Portal Power, I press "P T O".  To invoke Rest, I press "P R R", then after recovered, press "P R R" again to turn it off.




Other power menus in the spoiler.


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Lockout Commands



Temp Commands



Pet Commands



Says are sent as chat into the current active channel.  Tells are sent as a Private Message to a targetted player.  Whistle is sent as an Emote heard locally.



Additional Interface covers a number of common interface commands.

netgraph shows a network connection status plot in the lower right of the screen.  "netgraph 0" (Hotkeys "P O 0") turns it off.



"netgraph 1" (Hotkeys "P O 1") is a small compact display in the lower right of the UI.



"netgraph 2" (Hotkeys "P O 2") is scaled up vertically to the full height of the screen, allowing a better view on the detail.



Back to the Popmenu, here the Emotes submenus, with the first one expanded.  Quite a few Emotes, but not as many as a dedicated Emotes Popmenu.



The Config menu does not have Hotkeys as the commands are administrative.  wdw, option, and chat are the same as the load and save buttons in Menu > Options > Options window > Windows tab > scroll to the bottom.  buildsave will save the current build to a text file under the accounts files tree.  Save Keybinds saves the current set of keybinds to the standard setting file keybinds.txt.  I used pasted commands to load keybinds outside of this Commands Popmenu.



At the bottom are extra entries and menus to show by being bright aqua whether the Long Range Teleport Power is unlocked ("LRT Available Zones") as well as what Zones are currently unlocked for LRT access.


Edited by Jacke
Added netgraph screenshots
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This looks great and very helpful, thanks for sharing. 


Btw, I thought  Netgraph was either on or off...so what is netgraph 2 ?




Edit #2 ...had asked why I couldn't get it working but I figured it out, I put it in the wrong folder...I need to clean up my installation..

Edited by SuperPlyx
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1 hour ago, SuperPlyx said:

This looks great and very helpful, thanks for sharing. 

You're welcome!


1 hour ago, SuperPlyx said:

Btw, I thought  Netgraph was either on or off...so what is netgraph 2 ?

Try it out!  The graph is larger vertically, to the height of the screen.  Easier to see the details.  I've added screenshots of 'netgraph 1' and 'netgraph 2' to the main post.


1 hour ago, SuperPlyx said:

Edit #2 ...had asked why I couldn't get it working but I figured it out, I put it in the wrong folder...I need to clean up my installation..

Which is why I went into the details on where to install, as well as doing the guide on finding the City Install Root.  It's easy to make mistakes, information helps us find and fix them. 🙂

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New version of the Commands popmenu now released!  Download it from here!  Changelog, Installation, and Usage in the 1st post of the thread.


Version 20211018a release for Homecoming i27p1, i27p2 to 2021 Oct 05 patch




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