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Boss kill herself during redside arc


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I was doing Bobby Curtis arc on redside last night. During the final mission you enter a place and fight a lot of Kaolin of Earth. It's a kill all mobs.

I was taking my time, kiting each one, talking to a friend as the mission went on, and, when I saw there was only one mob left, I've decided to use Howling Twilight on him, since it has a 1min45s recharge on that toon and, by the time I would start the next mission, it would be ready to use again.

Killed him and... cutscene! Arc Flash appears by the entrance door. New goal: fight her.

The entrance is two rooms away, she's not aggroed yet. I take my sweet time and let Howling Twilight recharge before face her.

When I approach and I'm able to select her, her health is just a sliver, and she's surrounded by an energy aura. New goal: talk to her.

Mission proceeds as if I had beaten her to pulp and she now wants to parlay. I haven't touched her.


My conclusion: that aura is damaging her, as even during the talk her health was taking damage, eventually reaching near zero and autoregen to a bit over that.

Checked the wiki and I couldn't identify any powers that could drain her health. I also gave her no reason for her to (de)buff herself like that if I was beyond visual and aggro ranges.

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Some of these missions with non-defeat endings have the boss or other foe already beaten down. This may not be a bug.

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It's probably Dynamo, the revamped version of Lightning Field. It's been reported as a bug for AE enemies; I've noticed when my elec/elec blaster fights a doppelganger the doppelganger takes damage out of combat and will defeat herself with no intervention needed.

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On 12/17/2020 at 5:08 AM, Fermmoylle said:

Checked the wiki

For reference - that wiki scrapes content from elsewhere.  HC now has it's own wiki: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page

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