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  1. I sure did. I just ran that arc a few weeks ago, too.
  2. There are two: The Envoy of Shadows and Terra, both in 35-40 arcs. Also, Ubelmann was an EB when I ran that arc, a rather unpleasant surprise. He may be an AV naturally. Zoning only at physical crossings or by monorail. You have to use the monorail as it originally was: Yellow Line (Atlas, KR, Steel South, Skyway North) and Green Line (Steel North, Talos, Indy North, Brickstown – no FF and Skyway South, those were added Issue 9). For 35 and 40 SOs, you have to unlock the respective seller in FF or Brickstown. No Shivans.
  3. FBZ (just about anywhere) for Natterlings (and Overseers, if you didn't have that one yet), Cascade Archipelago (Crimson Falls) for Brutes. Also Crey's Folly (far NW, can't remember offhand if that's Carnival Town or The Circus) for Freak Super Stunners. Remember to whack them in melee so they get back up and they count twice.
  4. Originally, Hero Merits were the reward for completing Hero Morality Missions as a Hero. Fort Trident, which was only accessible by Heroes (not Vigilantes or Rogues), was the place to redeem them – this was the incentive for staying a Hero, instead of going Vigilante and being able to play redside. The Task Force contacts were an extra bonus. Homecoming has changed a lot about how merits work, and that's left Fort Trident without much purpose. But it had one when it was created. (Also, Task Forces weren't in the LFG queue when it was introduced. Also, back in the before times I don't think you could queue solo and teleport to the contact; there were minimum team sizes for TFs that had to be met.)
  5. I don't know if this badge is supposed to have a progress bar, but it didn't for me (neither in Events nor Closest to Completion). It does award as expected. Also, earning this badge awards the Red Cap gladiator.
  6. I did Operation World Wide Red on x3 and got ~120 in one run and finished at about the halfway point of the next one. There's probably diminishing returns on how much cranking team size helps because of the one per group limit on Sappers, though.
  7. There's Always One: Be the last to click "Accept" for your queued event ten times.
  8. Hami zones: The Hive The Abyss Related: Monster Island They have wards against this sort of thing: Midnighter Club Time travel: Cimerora Ouroboros Echo zones (Atlas, Galaxy, Faultline, DA, RCS) The contract with DJ Zero forbids it: Paragon Dance Party (no explores)
  9. In the meantime, going to Echo: Faultline and grabbing a badge there will open it up.
  10. I'm considering the following setups: OR OR
  11. For the Dark Astoria arc, I skipped Max's optional missions and went straight to the finale. I also did Max's personal story. Now, I still have Max listed among my active contacts, but if I call him, I get the expected "no more missions" line. ("You try to call Max, but all you receive is a message informing you that the line has been disconnected.") The latter part is as it should be, but I don't know why he's an active contact if he's not offering missions. (I don't remember if it was like this in the before times or not. I don't think so, but I've slept since then.)
  12. I keep turning back to dominator: good enough damage that soloing in the 20s and 30s isn't going to suck, good crowd control to make City of Ambushes and closely-packed enemies in the underground maps manageable. I'm finishing up the GR launch Praetoria stuff on an elec/elec dominator; the early going was generally okay as long as I remembered to rest (and didn't get ambushed while doing so), and then Static Field is the best power ever for a soloer. One of the last characters I made in the before times was a sonic/sonic defender to run through Praetoria. Never got around to playing her, and don't think I mind.
  13. It even made the official enemy group writeup:
  14. Back in the before times, I would usually come up with a character bio in the 20s-30s. I liked tying my characters to lore groups: my main is distantly related to the Cabal, another character had a brother join the Lost, and my two villains who I played enough to write bios for had reasons why they were in the Zig. (One was arrested by Flambeaux; I noted Kalinda might need to get her third eye checked.) For Homecoming, I've decided to lean into the idea that my alts are all part of the same supergroup and make their bios their supergroup profiles. The ones I've recreated have kept the same basic story, even if the character's changed powersets or archetypes.
  15. If you don't want to/can't do a full Hami raid, they also spawn from the Weakened Hamidon in the LGTF. Emperor Cole's personal story at the end of Belladona Vetrano's arc generally has a few each Mu Guardians and Toxic Tarantulas, and they do count for the badge. (I would assume the Fliers don't count for Heat Seeker, but my one 50 has the badge so I can't verify.) I don't think team size would have much effect on how many per run because the Magisterium is already pretty packed.
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