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  1. A -recovery debuff. When it wears off, the boss gains a stacking buff for each player with the debuff near another player, then it's applied to as many players as the boss has stacks +1. For each stack, the boss gets bonus damage, and all players and pets have their max endurance lowered. If the boss reaches 20 stacks, she gains (and keeps, even if the stacks fall off) a lightning storm power that deals massive damage to all targets. Hospital rezzes are disabled; dead players are instead offered the chance to rez in exchange for granting the boss a stack of her buff. If everyone's dead, the trial fails. I deliberately left numbers out of this post; they'd have to be tweaked for balance. The idea is it's easy enough to keep under control, but it will quickly snowball if not. Socially Distanced badge for never letting the boss getting the buff.
  2. A couple weeks ago, one of my characters got hit by the Hami bud crash. Logging her back in, all her maps were completely covered (aside from a small spot near where she stood), so I zipped around to as many zones as I could think of, using Reveal. Since then, I've noticed maps that were completely covered that I thought I'd Revealed, but chalked it up to slipping through the cracks. As of tonight, I'm sure that it's deleting all my map progress when I log another character in. (I would guess that if I log out more than a couple seconds, progress is also lost, but I'm not sure.) None of my other characters is having this issue.
  3. Taking my three Homecoming 50s and rounding out the team, we get: Elec/elec blaster Mind/psi dominator Bots/FF mastermind Ice/cold controller Db/sr stalker Kin/en scrapper Elec/elec tanker Psy/emp corruptor Very high defense between cold shields, force bubbles, Fortitude, and a couple Maneuvers floating around, and the scrapper and stalker are already defense-heavy. The tank would be nigh unkillable between the defense, elec's high resists and Energize, and having an emp on the team. Endurance would quickly become an issue with with Power Sink ×2, Short Circuit, Heat Loss, Energy Drain, and Drain Psyche, plus other electric attacks (and I even left the elec/elec dom off!). There's also slows flying around from Ice/cold and psy blast, and having fought Harbinger on a melee toon a couple times the last week, I know how fun those can be.
  4. For the Prestige Sprints, you could get the ones from P2W and put BotZ -kb IOs in all five sprints you don't use for 20 points of KB protection with no build investment. At that point they may as well remove enemy knockback from the game. At least with Hurdle/Swift you'd be giving up a little movement bonus.
  5. I rolled a necro/electric mastermind yesterday and ran through the starting Vahzilok missions. I found it deeply amusing that the people she saved from being harvested for parts and/or turned into Vahzilok minions had no trouble thanking the cackling madwoman with the pet zombie.
  6. I was all set to say because it's knockup, not knock(back/down), but every other knockup power I can think of off the top of my head (Lift, Levitate, Knockout Blow, Mass Levitate... okay, and Tornado, but that does both) takes knockback enhancements that increase the magnitude of knockup, so... /em shrug
  7. I spent a couple hours running every character I have to a tailor to check their height. About 2/3 of them are clustered between 5'10" and 6'8", fairly evenly spread in that range. I've only got three taller characters, including one at maximum height. I have two more clusters, at 5'5" and 5'0", then two characters at minimum height.
  8. Back when Homecoming first launched and hadn't put in the "no copycat characters" policy, in a fit of madness, I considered making a and naming them "Endgame Spoiler," but decided against it. Today I got inspired to revisit the character (in a way less prone to being made into Generic#######) as an actual character and not a troll joke. I still haven't actually rolled yet, but Soon™.
  9. From what I understand you need the Beautiful badge to unlock DJ Zero. Help a hero with Ganymede's lockbox mission and that should do it. (I'm not entirely sure about the above, but I can confirm that I unlocked DJ Zero's Snaptooth missions this round of the event.)
  10. 1.txt: W "+forward$$powexecunqueue$$powexecauto Build Up$$bindloadfilesilent 2.txt" 2.txt: W "+forward$$powexecunqueue$$powexecauto Hasten$$bindloadfilesilent 3.txt" 3.txt: W "+forward$$powexecunqueue$$powexecauto Clarion Core Epiphany$$bindloadfilesilent 4.txt" 4.txt: W "+forward$$powexectoggleon Assault Core Embodiment$$bindloadfilesilent 5.txt" 5.txt: W "+forward$$powexecunqueue$$powexecauto Aim$$bindloadfilesilent 1.txt"
  11. 33: 2 50s, fully built and incarnated. 7 I've started leveling, currently at 45, 38, 32, 25, 20, 15, 10. 20 who've done some introductory contact stuff and/or DFB 1 villain who's gotten to Port Oakes 2 Praetorians who've done the tutorial 1 Warshade who's gotten Atlas Tour Guide/Passport/LRTP and that's it. I've almost recreated all my characters from Live (with some changed/traded powers, and all defenders rerolled as corruptors). Just missing an invuln/ss tank (don't want to deal with Rage as it is) and a fire/fire blaster (not sure why here, this was a fun character and had some of my favorite costumes).
  12. I always meant for my next scrapper to be claws/regen. Of course in the meantime something else would always catch my attention (insert distracted boyfriend meme); in fact, we'll get to one of them here in a bit. I finally made the character in the weeks leading to the shutdown, but never did more than get her out of the tutorial. From when psychic blast got proliferated to blasters, I wanted to make a psy/mm blaster. Again, the character got made just before the end and never seriously played. One double XP weekend I made my project getting six villains to level 15 so my main could farm them in BB for reputation, and one of them was a bots/ff mastermind. I saw potential in the idea but made the mistake of making a completely passive character, and always wanted to try again. I fell in love with kinetic melee the first time I saw someone playing it and always wanted one. A kin/en scrapper was the very last character I started leveling up, but only got to level 7. I've recreated all these characters on Homecoming, and have gotten to 44 with the bots/ff mastermind. It's a lot of fun now that I can keep myself entertained by pew pewing when I'm not bubbling.
  13. One is easier than two. My elec/elec blaster has been my main since 2007, was my first 50 both in the before times and in Homecoming, my badger, and would be the one I keep. But I'll also join the chorus of not knowing how much I'd play... I've got her kitted out, all* the badges I care to get, more Incarnate abilities than I'd ever really need now that I'm done badging. etc. But if I had two character slots, I've got no idea who I'd keep for the second. One of the dominators is a good bet. * Aside from some tied to events I haven't been around for**. ** I was around May 2019, but didn't have the merits to spend on anniversary badges then.
  14. I have rotating binds to autofire Clarion, Hasten, Aim, Build Up, and Hybrid. Planning to add Call to Justice at some point.
  15. Seems to be fixed after latest maintenance.
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