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  1. Mine is the same as on Live, elec/elec blaster. 1313 badges, and aside from the Nemesis event badge, content not to have the badges I'm missing.
  2. Hess and Lady Grey. No answer for SFs; been 9 years since I ran one.
  3. I think of the (first) Rikti invasion as happening 5-10 years ago, whatever's needed to make a character's backstory work, and my characters don't really age (and generally are in their mid-20s). The Coming Storm is still Coming, even if there's been a long delay between the Galaxy City meteor incident and further visits from the Batallion. Coherent timelines are more trouble than they're worth.
  4. Isolator is much easier to get outside the tutorial because of The Pilgrim - you have your level 2, 4, and 6 powers in that mission, so you've got something approaching an attack chain. Alternately, if you want to do it the really masochistic way, there's a single Contaminated in the train station in RV on a 45 minute spawn timer.
  5. I usually write a bio before I make the character. At the very least, I need a "real" name so I can come up with the hero name, and while I'm coming up with that I generally come up with at least the frame of a story I can have in there until I can figure out the rest of it.
  6. The single-target hold in control sets is tuned to be stackable out of the box and can triple-stack with a single Hold and Recharge SO. It might take a few seconds longer to get there, but it also only takes a single power pick. With a full build (SO) build for each, if I needed someone to lock down a single target (e.g., for a LGTF), I would take a dominator (or controller) over that defender/corruptor. (And I say this as someone whose main is a blaster with three holds.) With a permadom build, the dominator's going to leave everyone else in the dust except maybe, maybe a controller with a se
  7. Oh, God. I got Synaptic Overload on my dom right around the time I started fighting the Possessed. Do you know what the point of AoE Confusing a group of enemies that are defeated in one hit is? Neither do I. Even after multiple applications. At least I had the choice not to lead with it, which I think I figured out. Eventually. Stalkers? Yeah, critical hit from hide on an enemy with basically 1 hp. Every time. Woooooo.
  8. I enjoy Praetoria in small doses. Of my forty-odd characters, four are Praetorian. Two of those are Praetorian analogs of my Primal characters, two have no counterpart (yet). All my Praetorians have gone or will go to Paragon when popping through the rift. In my entire City of Heroes career, I've made nine villains: seven on Live (one of each original and epic villain archetype). After the Mercy revamp I decided I wasn't going to make any more villains, but come Homecoming (which put Breakout, Burke, and Kalinda back in), I remade the two I'd made jailbreak backstories for and leve
  9. You can also use the mouse wheel to scroll between pages.
  10. This morning, I finished Incarnating out a character (DB/SR stalker) using only Incarnate rewards earned as drops, from leveling, and from Heather's arc. I got about 3-4 vet levels before starting focusing on the Heather arc, starting with rare Alpha, common Judgement/Interface/Destiny/Lore, and Hybrid still locked. The first time I ran the arc at +2/x1 and I tried to make sure to defeat all enemies (unlocking Hybrid at the end); afterward –1/x1 and going for speed (Sigil Hand Assassin / KoV KoV KoV Sigil BP waves / Hua glowie glowie Warden glowie / "I'm saving them both!" whack whack whack).
  11. I don't roll a character until I have something I can put in the description. Sometimes the results can surprise me: I knew I wanted a succubus-turned-hero character but had trouble coming up with how that happened until the "her mother was an unwitting human who fought back and raised the little demon as a good Catholic" angle hit me. I'm currently wanting to expand my short blurbs into longer/more in-depth looks at my characters, but every time I try to start I stall out. I'll figure it out.
  12. All that crap is gray to him, no XP. Or maybe being held like that took a larger toll on Positron, a guy in a suit, than Statesman the super-Incarnate. As for why they programmed it like that, no idea.
  13. What I have: 5x Decimation (+6.25% each) in Mesmerize, Psionic Dart, Mental Blast, Subdue 5x Unbreakable Constraint (+10%) in Dominate 5x Crushing Impact (+5% each) in Mind Probe and Telekinetic Thrust 5x Coercive Persuasion (+10%) in Confuse 5x Fortunata Hypnosis (+10%) in Mass Hypnosis 5x Bombardment (+5%) in Psychic Scream 5x Superior Ascendancy of the Dominator (+10%) in Total Domination 5x Sting of the Manticore (+7.5%) in Psionic Lance 5x Armageddon (+10%) in Psychic Shockwave Luck of the Gambler +7.5% in Hover, Elusive Maneuvers,
  14. Around the time The Force Awakens came out, they rejiggered things so you're leading your own faction, fighting the other new faction that came along and whomped both Republic and Empire. That proved about as popular as you'd expect, so new enemy faction is basically no more, the Republic and Empire are fighting each other again, and you get to choose which side to support (if you choose the one opposite to your original faction, you play as a double agent within your original faction because actual side-switching would be a ***** and a half). As for this game... I remember this th
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