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Fix "Doublecross Baron Zukor" mission


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Per discussion in general topics:


The redside "Doublecross Baron Zukor" mission has a near fatal flaw, IMVHO. You enter the warehouse and the objective is "Go to the meeting room." Clicking on every (blue) NPC and the podium produces no response. The one clue about what to do is an NPC chat line from Martial Gloom to "Go to the back room." It's easy to miss this line of blah-blah and there is no indication as to where the "back room" is. You just have to click around randomly until you find that the door all the way at the back of the warehouse is enterable.


This needs fixing so that AT LEAST clicking on Gloom repeats the directive. "Go to the gathering room" as the first objective, changing to "Enter the meeting room" would be better. Maybe a specific objective marker is too simplistic, but as the mission is written, it's confused both me and several teammates with combined decades of experience...

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