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question about procs


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I saw someone saying that the order in which procs are slotted in a power (as in what order Left to Right) determines the order in which those procs are checked when the power is activated. The suggestion was that therefore if an attack was slotted with both a Damage proc and a Resistance Debuff proc you would want to slot the Debuff proc to the Left of the Damage proc so the Debuff is applied first if they both proc.

Is this true?? It sounds nuts to me, but I have no idea. Anyone know?


What about Interface? Or secondary effect procs baked into the powers?

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I'm reminded of the idea that goes, we humans are pattern-seeking machines. Faced with complex enough systems, we break down that complexity with symbols that speak to us.


It sounds like nonsense to me as well. I'd wager if a -res debuff happens during server tick T, the next time any form of damage is multiplied by it is at server tick T+1.


Slot order doesn't change a thing either, even though it's easy to understand why the notion persists. It's appealing in an intuitive "my actions and choices matter" sense.

Should be a 2 minute check on Test server if anyone cares enough. Pick a blaster nuke, slot Arma proc and Fury -res proc (~90% chance to fire off on such a long recharge). See if you get different results when you swap the IOs.

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