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Sonic Resonance Liquefy Power's pet is always Golden - REASON FOUND!!!


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Sonic Resonance's power "Liquefy" is quite useful, although it has pretty long CD, but it's one of only powers with effect that is not +RES or -RES, but the speech is not about that. Its projectile launched from player's mouth or arm IS color-customizable, but its lasting Ground effect is NOT:


After a bit of investigation l found that its groundwave effect actually IS customizable and the reason why it can't be customized in game. So, since "Liquefy" ground impact creates a pet, that debuffs enemies with -DEF, -ToHit, slow down, -jump, etc, the "Liquefy power" consists of 2 part. These part are (example is Defender):


Defender_Buff.Sonic_Debuff.Liquefy - the power that is produced by a character. It creates a pet at its target spot.

Pets.Liquefy_Defender.Liquefy - the power that is produced by pet. It lasts a while and debuffs enemies.


Power customization system is built this way: each power has attached to it not only colors, but also tokens. These tokens have names attached to them like "Bright", "Dark", "Minimal FX", etc...


Defender_Buff.Sonic_Debuff.Liquefy - accepts these tokens:

Bright Sonic Resonance
Dark Sonic Resonance
Bright Sonic DeBuff Alternate
Dark Sonic DeBuff Alternate


These can be set up as tokens for power in Character Customization screen. But the problem is that Pets.Liquefy_Defender.Liquefy accepts only these tokens:



l believe these powers were unchanged since Sonic Resonance got its alternate animations. Prior to that Liquefy primary power probably accepted tokens "Bright" and "Dark" and the pet was customizable. In order to fix that l decided to change within the "Pets.Liquefy_Defender.Liquefy" on my private server its acceptors names from "Bright" and "Dark" to "Bright Sonic Resonance", "Dark Sonic Resonance", "Bright Sonic DeBuff Alternate", "Dark Sonic DeBuff Alternate", having made 2 extra acceptors for each of the Liquefy pet powers in process (3 of them, their names):





The result of that was quite impressive - it entirely fixed the issue with the "Liquefy" power! Here's take a look:






Note that only clientside fix for that is not enough - serverside fix is needed!

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Letz now talk about existing Incarnate Lore Pets:


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