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ID 13097 Archvillain Beatdown - for anyone who likes epic boss fights!

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Superpowered Villains are destroying cities one by one, you hafta stop them until it's too late!


It has been gated 53-53, to make it suitable for lnfluence farming - team leader needs to set up Notorierty to +4. This way players will be lvl 49, enemies will be lvl 53, and players can get double influence if they have respective setting in options window switched on. Also it's a perfect place to test yer builds, since these bosses deal different damage and have different powers, for your build to be good against. For lnstance - only in this AE mish l understood how rocking mah Main actually is (with -REGEN). Speaking about regen - equally -1500% is enough to flatline bosses regen.


Supervillains are:


Archer Queen


Captain Ghostile Pirateburgerballman

Codename Tomato


Drunken Neighbor

Emissary Thwhuhyyh

Geiger Blip


Lun She






The Faithful One




For you to enjoy. They both have their specific strengths and weaknesses, for lnstance - Petavolt is highly resistive to Energy damage, Trailblazer - to Fire damage, Zeroheart - to Cold damage. Some bosses may buff allies and debuff team. Another may call in reinforcements as their HP gets lower. Lastly there are bosses, who nuke team at low HP. This encourages using different strategies and layout to overcome them!


Anyone interested welcome. Don't forget to read AV's info n.n

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To keep this game safe, We have to give it to the world. Here you can download your own Private Server and other files. No moneybags're gonna put this genie back in a bottle!

Arc ID #13097 - Archvillain Beatdown, try it out!

Arc ID #21066 - Archvillain Beatdown - Past Edition!

Make Energy Aura available for Tankers plz, Munitions Mastery (Epic) for Masterminds, Temporal Manipulation (attacks) for Dominators, buff somehow underperforming Lore pets (Robotic Drones, Demons, Seers).

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