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Soloing Blueside


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I have started the marathon.  I rolled a SS/Invul Brute to solo every contact Blueside.  By this I mean unlock and run every contact, and every mission from that contact until they stop giving missions and tell you "go away now."


I run at +0/x1.  I will team for TF, done at levels appropriate.  THis is pure Blueside, so no wards or vigilante.  Straight up Hero content.


I have never succeeded at this Blueside.  I have Redside somewhat regularly, and managed Goldside a couple times on live.


Today is the ugly task of writing down every contact and their mission levels lol.  The first of a few steps to ensure nothing is missed.  


I zip up to top of level range and then shut off experience at 4, 9, 14, 19, 24, 29, 34, 39, and 44.


The only break I allow myself is any contact that offers missions from x-50 I run those missions at 50, and after incarnating at that.  Unless it is something logically needed like joining Vanguard.  There is still a crapton of content to slog through.  Since I run this content very rarely and some of it maybe never or once I will be reading a lot of the dialogue as well.  You find out some neat stuff this way.  


This will be a semi regular project maybe devoting 8+ hours a week on, so it will not be done anytime soon.  I have two other "mains" I am running.  A dark/dark brute and a squishy I keep rebuilding.  changing powers, ATs, and levelling back up.  Sooner or later I will find a squishy I like.  Or, ....maybe not lol.


I chose a brute, because this is the only toons I have ever run to complete these exercises Red or Gold.  Back on live my favorite for this was a SS/Willpower.  THis was due to the smoothness of the powerset and the lack of real stress on the build.  Although I do remember 20-24 on Sharkhead being painful hunting slag golems.  Other than that it was generally just a matter of getting through it.  Thanks to modern enhancers and advice ( and a level 50 build I ran non-stop for months)  from people like Hyperstrike (thanks for the build) I know that even if it is slightly clunkier at times levelling the SS/Invul will be much smoother in the end.  This project is all about getting comfortable for the long haul.


I will update this very irregularly.  I did want to share my love of City of Heroes with the community and my happiness at being able to start a project like this for 2021.  THis is a great game, even, sigh, the antiquated old Blueside content.  Who knows, I may even feel heroic after a few months of running this guy.  Yeah, prob not.  Thought I would throw it out there though.

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Good luck, gonna be a bit of a slog.


Back on Live I solo’d a Fire blaster 1-50 purely via street sweeping all the zones.  It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, mainly because street sweeping allowed me to “choose my targets” for easy XP, at least to a point.  The issue was the lack of large numbers of available targets at certain level ranges.


Please post progress!

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