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BUG: Beta Feature Options Not Saving to Session or Options.txt


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I am currently using the new homecoming launcher, this may or may not be related since the folder structure changed. Most likely not.



OS: Windows 10

The beta features are not saving between sessions and not in options.txt.

Steps To Reproduce (For Options.txt):
1) Menu > Options > Windows Tab
2) Navigate to the "Beta Features" section
3) Change some of the values
4) Click 'Apply now' and 'Save Options to file' at the bottom of the window
5) Navigate to where the options were stated to be saved in chat. Mine is at c:/Games/Homecoming/settings/live/options.txt
6) Open options.txt, see no changes.
7) EXTRA: Repeat steps 3&4, and use some compare tool to see that the file is not changing.

Expected Result: Some new values are added/updated to options.txt, such as 'chatTimestamps 24', or 'powerRechargeIndicator center'

Actual Result: Nothing is saved, changes lost on reload of client.

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Seems like most of the inconsistencies come from me running multiple clients, and some options do save.
Regardless, beta features are not saved to the options.txt,
Thread seems more appropriate in suggestions now instead of bugs.

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