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  1. Running 3440x1440 resolution, cut scenes look like the following: Characters commonly get cut off, and the black bars don't extend across the screen.
  2. the slash command Maxinactivefps isn't preserved on reload, however. Would be fantastic if this was a setting/saved to file.
  3. Update: Seems like most of the inconsistencies come from me running multiple clients, and some options do save. Regardless, beta features are not saved to the options.txt, Thread seems more appropriate in suggestions now instead of bugs.
  4. I am currently using the new homecoming launcher, this may or may not be related since the folder structure changed. Most likely not. OS: Windows 10 Description: The beta features are not saving between sessions and not in options.txt. Steps To Reproduce (For Options.txt): 1) Menu > Options > Windows Tab 2) Navigate to the "Beta Features" section 3) Change some of the values 4) Click 'Apply now' and 'Save Options to file' at the bottom of the window 5) Navigate to where the options were stated to be saved in chat. Mine is at c:/Games/Homecoming/settings/live/
  5. Not OP, but one sound that I always have to look at is the cold_loop sound that never stops. The bustling wind noise in the background whenever you have a power visible for ice melee and other sets. I modify it so that it's very quiet, and then I reduce the duration of the draw noise from when you first activate a power as it slowly transitions between the draw --> loop sound effect. This thread is very helpful for which soundfiles are a bit of a problem, and also where they're found (at least for overrides):
  6. They were actively getting shot at for a couple seconds multiple times in the video while in defensive follow, and goto properly resets them, yup! The point of this was to highlight that there IS a delay on responding when switched into follow, as highlighted by the footage. The goal of that video was to try to make the ai simply lock up and do nothing because the idling itself exists. See this thread:
  7. Any news regarding getting rid of the follow-mode idle? Video [39 seconds] Here: https://youtu.be/HEeiJzlUXsc See stance in pet menu
  8. Discussed in this thread: Turns out it's basically still the "follow" command. Here's a video showing what's happening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEeiJzlUXsc
  9. Time to remove that then if possible! Sounds like that's the last major "control" gripe.
  10. Kommon - thanks for the detailed response! It was actually very helpful and gave me a couple ideas. Appreciate it. I'm trying to break the controls by switching back and forth. I don't play like that at all on any of my mm's. I believe THIS is the issue I had in game. What I would do is I would goto, to a spot, and then have a "fuzzy goto" to my position via follow (when it should've been another goto) and then sometimes had a go to after that because they'd be idling because of the follow order. I know at some point goto wasn't acting right, but I'm sure it
  11. Made a video demoing it: https://youtu.be/HEeiJzlUXsc I initially have them following in the video, toss a goto out, another goto, and then I alternate between goto and follow in the second half. This is on the current beta branch, (Issue 26, Page 5 - Build 2). EDIT: When they say "I'm comin'" or "Comin'" that's them switching to follow. My macros don't make it super clear what I'm doing, sorry!
  12. Last time I saw it happen with thugs on Excelsior - I'll try to figure out the steps to recreate either later tonight or tomorrow after work - 6pm cst.
  13. Messed with one of my mm's today and it DEFINITELY feels better if you play "hands off".. but I still notice a lot of idling if I stick any commands in there.
  14. I agree with pretty much everything you said, edit included. I was hinting at bodyguard needing to be be completely reworked, and I completely agree with the damage spike issue upon switching stances. I currently get around that problem by only having several pets go on aggressive/attack my target and keep the rest in bodyguard mode so I don't become completely vulnerable, and then switching them back (and once again dealing with them idling) afterwards. The only issue I have with mm's and teams is exactly what you said. They generally won't be getting shot at due to enemies being held/slow
  15. Yeah that makes sense. I get that you're not technically supposed to always play in defensive mode, and by doing so and still "getting away with it" is sort of abusing the current system. However my take on attack my target/aggressive was to do exactly that: Attack the target I specify, e.g. a boss or a target dishing out a ton of AoE damage. And aggressive - shoot first, ask questions later. They'll actively engage new targets that have not entered combat with the mm or themselves. However look at it this way: Passive. Defensive. Aggressive. Passive: Almost never used. Onl
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