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Black Knight Shield causes a crash in the costume editor


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In the costume editor, the Black Knight Shield variant for Shield Defense users has some funkiness.  While attempting to adjust my shield on a character, I found that it can outright crash the game (crash handler pops up and everything).  On a character presently logged in (as in you're in the city/isles), if you have a plain Black Knight shield and set the detail to spike or emblem (any emblem) then proceed to hit the reset button to revert it to none the game will crash.  If you are creating a character and do that, it doesn't crash, but it won't reset the spike or emblem and doesn't seem to have any way to revert back to a plain shield without changing the shield type completely.  As an aside, manually selecting 'none' doesn't remove the detail either but won't cause a crash.


Crash logs attached for those behind the scenes to review, though I also submitted them through the handler as well.

cityofheroes-7z05vdpce92p3f8yj1w6efmn3g.report cityofheroes-7z05vdq26kzxc9hscnpk42vkv4.report


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added logs
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