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Electric Armour > Grounded: how far up is "near the ground"?


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Pretty much the title.


Grounded says, in part, "Additionally, Grounded provides Immobilize and Knockback protection, but only applies when you are near the ground." Has anyone ever measured how high up "near" actually is?


I've got an up & coming Kin/Elec broot for whom Hover fits his character/costume concept. But I'd rather not get myself into a situation where I'm doing a spooky float and get knocked/immob'd because I'm a foot too far off the ground. Even something imprecise like "waist-high to the average mob" would be helpful and provide a rough eyeball measure. Thanks in advance for any insight into this!



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If you jump or are otherwise not touching the ground, you can be knocked down. If you're running Hover you can be knocked, however, you'll just do a midair summersault.


Immobilize is less of an issue when you're jumping, as it will be broken as soon as you land. You might need to turn off Hover.

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