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I don't know enough about the code to tell if this would be viable, but it would be neat if supergroups could flag their bases as public, and then various city zone doors would link directly to that base,  Bonus points if a sign above the door had the SG name.


Even more bonus points if the SG could include a custom contact(using a SG member costume) that links to SG-specific AE arcs.

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It would definitely be great to have more immersive integration between Bases, Groups, and the rest of the game.  I would be supportive of initiatives trying to bridge that gap!
In the meantime, though, let's not forget to lean on the resources we already have available to us.  Such as the forums here, with the Clubs and Calendars features.  While obviously not integrated with the game itself, they are tied to the official website (this place), and as everyone needs an account from here to have a game account, it's a naturally reasonable resource to tap.
If the website team would be willing, I think it could be great to add something official as well some day.  But, for now we've got the likes the the Yellowpages.  Those are resources we can tap as a community to fill the gap.  We just need to endeavour to spread the word about them.

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