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  1. I have a very different perspective than many here: The primary reason I play this game is that there is lots of content that is accessible for my 4 year old and I to duo, and occasionally trio with his 5 year old cousin. We would never have played the grindy game that was issues 6-10 or so on live servers. I rely heavily on incan destiny and prestige tp powers to move the kids around zones and difficult-to-navigate maps, and in order to make toons playable for the kids I have to cut out any powers with a crash or location targeting. I know a dozen other players or so that play extensively with their young children, so I am not alone in this. While I could not care less about titan weapons or AT modifiers or any of that technical stuff, I would like for my son and I to be able to play the existing content with our current toons without needing to research powers and respec them. I don't want to have to create custom easy AE arcs so that the kids don't get "beated up" on minimum difficulty. I don't expect the devs to bend over backwards to accommodate people in my situation, but they should recognize that there is a sizable portion of the server that is completely uninterested in any additional challenges, grindiness, or barriers to accessing content.
  2. Not sure what the tech would be for this, it would be great if: 1) people could "monetize" their excellent base design work 2) inf sink for the hero that has everything 3) incredibly time intensive processes (such as the tile by tile construction of houses and stairwells) could be simplified by saving item groups as single transferable items.
  3. Will winter packs be 10 mil during this winter event in July?
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