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Community Costume Contest 17.01 - Paragon Patrol


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Thank you Reunion!


First of all I'm sorry this took so long to post, I messed up I'll do better next time. 🙂


But again, it was fun hosting this Costume Contest, we were glad so many people attended.
It was a blast to see your Post Apocalyptic Outfits.

As soon as we figure the next theme and date out, we'll come back at ya with another happening.


The Theme





The Winners


We had a blast to see the different takes on the post apocalyptic theme ranging from rusty robots build from scraps to prepped up zombie attack survivors. 
Deciding wasn't too easy as usual, but we hope you are as happy as we are our 5 winners.


Fifth Place: Frenzy Jane



Fourth Place: Ninja Fang Fist



Third Place: K4-PU7 MKII



Second Place: Badmouth



First Place: Scrap-Heap





For some extra pictures take a peek here:



Thats it for now, we hope to see you again next time !

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