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Cast Orientation Options for All (appropriate) Powers


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Sonic has a lot of options to pick either mouth or hand for casting it's powers. A few other powers that had mouth or eye orientations now have hand orientation options.


Could we just do this... all over?


Yes, I want to spit water. Yes, I'd like to blast energy exclusively from my eyes. I'd like Illusion Control's Blind to come out of my hand. Etc.


I get there are only so many animations. But even if every eye blast looked identical it would still be nice to have.

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The only issue I forsee with allowing all blasts to come from the eyes (or really let them all use the same animation or w/e) is animiation time. Some blasts are supposed to take a half second, some take a second and a half.


The devs would probably have to make quicker and slower versions of the eyeblast animation to match all the various powers, or else things would probably get borked =(


Other than that? +1, more options are always good 😃

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