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  1. I cannot update my machine past El Capitan and the legacy version doesn't run for me either. "You can’t use this version of the application “Island Rum.app” with this version of OS X. You have OS X 10.11.6. The application requires OS X 10.12 or later."
  2. People who post new Topics with unspecific, non-descriptive Titles. It makes navigating a message board really frustrating and encourages repeat posts because people can't find existing threads. Examples: "I need help" "I have a problem" "Look at my build" "Here's an idea" Of course the absolute worst are the people who blatantly ignore the importance of Titles. "I suck at titles" "An interesting title" etc. This also applies to the subject fields in emails.
  3. The 2nd screenshot appears to have someone using a sonic attack while wearing a sonic shield. If that's a Sentinel this means a new Sonic Armor set. If that's a Blaster it means a new Sonic Manipulation set with a protection that resembles sonic shield. If that's a Corruptor or Defender it could mean some shields are now PBAoE that can be cast on self. Or maybe there's a new Sonic Mastery ancillary that any of the non Sentilens could use. (which means a 35+ is beating up Hellions in Atlas Park) The 1st screenshot makes me lean less towards costume pieces and more towards a new foe group that's an amalgamation of existing groups. Both Freakshow and Vazhilock are way into extreme body modification, so that seems like a natural collaboration. Though I don't know where the Tank with the Rikti pieces fits in.
  4. Dunno if you figured it out or someone messaged you, but for any Mac users... Go to your Applications folder (or where ever you have CoH.app installed) and right click on CoH.app, select "Show Package Contents" This will open the app like it's a folder. From there follow: drive_c\Program Files\coh If you have made any other mods before there will be a "data" folder. If there isn't one, create a new folder and name it "data" (no quotation marks, just the four letters in lowercase) From inside the data folder the mod location will depend on the type of mod. They follow a specific path that matches the way the pigg files are structured. Many of these mod downloads already have the nested folders starting with "data" so you just have to make it match. You can "merge" the data folder with yours by holding down alt/option while you drag the new data into drive_c\Program Files\coh\ and choose the "Merge" option.
  5. FYI it's the same as before. Only the folders "customwindows" and "fonts" have files in them. Everything else is a series of empty folders inside other folders. For example: sound > Ogg > Music_Source > Rave > "This folder is empty" https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1j6i88kbRTDNy_ZE5GQtqAbgbQ-mAdVQ2
  6. Hello. I appreciate all the work you put into this. I just checked the google drive folder you shared. Except for fonts and custom.window there don't appear to be any files there. Everything else is an empty folder nested inside other folders. Did you remove them, or are you planning on adding to them later?
  7. Yes. But my point was that getting hit doesn't automatically allow me to target whoever hit me the way that NPCs apparently can.
  8. If I hit a mob facing the other way with snipe and immediately duck behind something, that mob will immediately know where I am and have me auto targeted. Meanwhile, I'm flying through PI or FF and suddenly get half my hp knocked away and no clue where it came from. I'm on a team and need to sell/train between missions. I click on the map to make the store/trainer my waypoint and suddenly it disappears because the team leader picks the mission. That's okay, I'll bring up the map again and... oops leader picked another mission...
  9. I was able to get asymmetrical Spectrum on boots but not gloves.
  10. If you assume that "gliding" also allows you to catch and ride gusts of wind, then it could basically be a version of Jump Pack/Steam Jump but with no time limit and different animation. The effect is that you are still being pulled down by gravity, but can "jump" even in air to gain verticality (the head-cannon would be that you're angling to catch air and ride it up), and have slower decent and the ability to steer directions while falling. As for wall-crawling the closest is using a jump power near on one of the War Walls where the slight angle lets you shoot up. Before travel powers unlocked at 4, combat jumping on war walls was a fun way for a lowbie to get through dangerous zones. Motorcycles I think vehicles could be done using the transformation mechanics from kheldians and vet powers. Like, turn into a car model and get SS with slight jump. Or become a tank with no increase to speed but gain resistance and a single, target aoe attack. For the motorcycle, they would need to adapt the summoning animation for Bruiser and the rider would have to be standardized, like a Biker wearing a Paragon Protector helmet.
  11. @Number Six I just did and it worked! This is the first time I've ever gotten it to work from the Homecoming 32-Bit button on Island Rum!
  12. Here is the latest error details from trying to run 32-Bit on El Capitan. (Backrace found in the hc-bin32 folder.) And also the crash report from the Crash folder. I'm still not able to find "islandrum.sh" anywhere in the coh folder. backtrace_1-28-2020.txt cityofheroes-7z05qyrm6qy8ch8bfd2zjmeaeb.report
  13. Number 6 has a work around to run 32-Bit by tricking Island Rum into thinking it's running Safe Mode. But I think that means Cider is running 24-Bit, and Cider is what they're trying to get away from.
  14. It's been noted that Epic ATs are the least made toons. But that statistic is misleading because the lack of alternative Primaries and Secondaries leaves little incentive to roll more than one of each AT. With alternate builds and plentiful respecs you don't even need to make more than one to try out different builds. But what if Peacebringers and Warshades could access each other's sets? Would Luminous Blast / Umbral Aura or Umbral Blast / Luminous Aura work? What about Warshade powers with Cosmic Balance or a Peacebringer's with Dark Sustenance? Hypothetically, if the goal were to create more options for Kehldians you could also recreate the existing sets with other damage types/secondary effects. How about a Fire Peacebringer, or an Ice Warshade? Would this be completely unworkable?
  15. I thought about Stalkers, but then I also thought about how Masterminds aren't forced to take pets which also gimps them. Plus this requirement existed before CoV and Stalkers. If it's a coding/stability issue then that at least is a strong reason.
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