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  1. Doing a chameleon character and can't quite settle on a face. The first one I like for a general lizard-man look, but it doesn't really look like an actual chameleon. The other two are attempts to make the head more like a real chameleon's head, with a triceratops-type crest, large eyes with small black dots and a slightly bulbous chin. Suggestions?
  2. Sonic has a lot of options to pick either mouth or hand for casting it's powers. A few other powers that had mouth or eye orientations now have hand orientation options. Could we just do this... all over? Yes, I want to spit water. Yes, I'd like to blast energy exclusively from my eyes. I'd like Illusion Control's Blind to come out of my hand. Etc. I get there are only so many animations. But even if every eye blast looked identical it would still be nice to have.
  3. I always thought the vehicle power should be more like panther/coyote where you turn into the vehicle (like any number of existing vehicle models in the game).
  4. I was looking for something like this. As a raging altaholic I wanted to get the Accolade power ASAP for my lowbies and the path I find easiest is: Atlas Park (from the spot where Heroes start): Run into the City Hall and go to the statue on the left for the Patriot badge Turn right and follow the hall to the last room on the right (D.A.T.A.) and run up to the elevator door for the Edge of Chaos badge Run back outside to the statue of Atlas (if you don't have the free prestige travel powers from the P2W Vendor get them now) use Jump Pack or Steam Jump
  5. In Brickstown right between the Sentinel Park plaque and a mission cave door (-2425.5 -7.9 -410.6) a holiday present spawns a few feet above the ground. After opening it and getting "Naughty" twice both times it failed to produce any Winter Hordlings.
  6. Created a new 50 Stone/Rad Tanker on Beta to experiment with builds and when I switched my active build to #2 and tried to train up, I had no powers available. Not greyed out, just not there. Blank. Tried the same thing changing to active build 3 and same result. Also, clicking "Powers" on my tray brought up blank Primary and Secondary rows as well. Again, not greyed out powers. They just weren't there. This was all with Miss Liberty in Atlas Park.
  7. So are they supposed to be enemies now? Seems really weird to have two static NPCs that will fight each other. Imagine of the Patron AVs occasionally brawled inside Grandville.
  8. I was hunting Fir Bolg in Croata near the train and I guess some of them got to close to Norsewind because she started fighting them. I go hunt a little further away then I see a thundercloud appear and Norsewind is fighting with Annah who is listed as an Archvillain. This was on Everlasting server 12/8/2020 at 6:57pm CST Usually they just hang out all friendly but I guess one of them must have said something?
  9. I wish they'd increase the number of beacons that cabe be linked to one portal. Khalista Wharf is the odd man out.
  10. And if you want to access your saved costume files they now go in Applications(or where ever "Launch CoH.app" is installed)/coh/Launcher/costumes Not sure where to put the data folder for vidiotmaps and custom sounds, etc.
  11. FYI, you may need to do it twice. I just did it and got a security message "An error occurred copying the launcher program files. This may indicate the interference of anti-virus..." And so I deleted the zip file and the package and tried a second time and it worked.
  12. I am also in this boat. Ironically I replaced my even older iMac with an early 2009 mac almost exactly one month before the big CoH return reveal.
  13. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201634 Bummer.
  14. I cannot update my machine past El Capitan and the legacy version doesn't run for me either. "You can’t use this version of the application “Island Rum.app” with this version of OS X. You have OS X 10.11.6. The application requires OS X 10.12 or later."
  15. People who post new Topics with unspecific, non-descriptive Titles. It makes navigating a message board really frustrating and encourages repeat posts because people can't find existing threads. Examples: "I need help" "I have a problem" "Look at my build" "Here's an idea" Of course the absolute worst are the people who blatantly ignore the importance of Titles. "I suck at titles" "An interesting title" etc. This also applies to the subject fields in emails.
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