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  1. According to the latest (9/10/2019) patch notes: As far as I know there was no reliable way to trigger GoS before. This might actually make the Born in Battle accolade easier to get than Portal Jockey. BORN IN BATTLE +Max HP +Max End Ironman: Endure 1,000,000 damage Exterminator: Complete mission from Timothy Raymond in Nerva Archipelago (Ororo lvl 30-34) Hammer Down: Defeat Ghost of Scrapyard Pirate: 100 Ghosts in Port Oakes Triumphant: (Exploration) Warburg (228, 274, 33) Primal Instinct: (Exploration) Nerva Archipelago (2304, -110, 798) Swashbuckler: (History) Visit 4 history plaques: Port Oakes (-3113, 207, -1550) Bloody Bay (605, 0, -150) Siren's Call (-942, -157, 200) Nerva Archipelago (3795, 18, 7726) https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Born_in_Battle_Badge
  2. Would we? Another argument I can see against adding Homecoming info to ParagonWiki, is that Homecoming isn't any more *official* than the others. So, in theory they'd have to include content about all the other server networks. With that in mind, couldn't we make a Homecoming Wiki that only details the specific changes and additions i25?
  3. I can confirm this. I just did it again and set it to +2 instead of 2 players by mistake. The third mission gave me 20 out of the 25 required defeats.
  4. Fake Nems are hard to find, and also hard to beat quickly since they almost always get their damn shield up before you can take them out. Contrast that to the villianside Family and Wolf Spiders who are found in abundance in PO at low levels. Marconeviille lives up to its name and has a lot of Wolf Spiders walking around too. Hang out behind the hospital in PO until you get the Family badge then go over to Oilspill (SW dock) and find Wolf Spiders everywhere.
  5. As a follow-up, it turns out is not just this door. I've had it happen with the SG Base entrance too. This includes the slash command.
  6. Thank you for the response! (And everything else you do!) Interestingly, I tried closing Island Rum and just clicking on the CoH.app in my Applications folder, and it worked! There must me some way that my Island Rum isn't pointing in the right place?
  7. Yesterday I was able to run Safe Mode. But today it said it couldn't unzip islandrum-mac.zip (which is weird because this is the unzipped file that gave the app I was trying to run) So I downloaded it from here again: https://telstar.eekstudio.com/islandrum-mac.zip And after unzipping it, moving Island Rum.app to my Applications folder, ran it (Which says Build 082920191 btw) and got the message: "Can not find NCLauncher! Please locate the application, run it, and try this shortcut again." I tried clicking on the palm tree icon, Reset Path (3rd option) and finding /Applications/CoH.app but not finding NCLauncher anywhere. Also tried /Applications/City of Heroes.app
  8. I moved my City of Heroes.app and CoH.app back to my Applications folder, re-ran the new Island Rum and after it downloaded some updates it let me back in to Safe Mode. 64 is greyed out and the regular Homecoming says I need to install Wineskin but can't find the executable.
  9. OS 10.11.6 Moved CoH.app and City of Heroes.app out of Applications folder. Downloaded and unzipped this and moved Island Rum.app into my Applications folder, overwriting the previous version. https://telstar.eekstudio.com/islandrum-mac.zip Ran it, got a message that Game Client Not Detected! so i clicked Install. "MD5 Error Downloading macclient-wineskin.zip" Then it quits.
  10. Twice now I've had a mission at this door and during an attempt to enter wound up beneath the floor in this zone. The door is at approximately Loc: -323.1 0.0 -608.7 After I clicked the door to enter I got a really long loading screen then wound up back in Peregrine Island, unable to move or see my toon. Zooming in: All the UI windows are hidden so I had to force quit the game.
  11. It updates... Then says this: Then it says scanning... and then it quits. Rinse, repeat.
  12. I'm thinking anyone/npc that targeted you would end up targeting whatever you have selected instead.
  13. Imagine how funny it would be if you could name a toon $Target
  14. Thank you for this. Here's a version without the items that never produce light.
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