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Soo...how do I put this...
Sometimes, I want a story arc from a contact. Sometimes, I don't want the arc. 

Case in point - Maria Jenkins or Tina MacIntyre. 
I might want Multi-Dimensional from Tina at level 41, but she is sure gonna have me take on some psychic Clockwork EB - no matter what. Fine. But the next mission - if you wanted multi-dimensional, there's a chance she may offer it. Or, she may offer something else. Or - she offers the arc. I accept, then abandon, ask again, and 20 times, always the arc. So I go and do it. 

Maria Jenkins is the same. Infernal is first, regardless. That's fine. But when I ask "what else is going on" - why can't she cycle through the missions? She'll do that - but once she offers the arc - there is no choice but to do a patrol, or the arc. I don't want the arc, I want the shrouded mission. I know I can do the arc, and she'll eventually offer it. But what's the point of asking what else is going on, if she never does anything different? 

Mind you - I'm fully aware I can get these missions through ouro. But on occasion, our SG does Accolade runs, and if they are too low, they can't participate. Also, if you're doing an ouro arc, and something like a Rikti raid happens, you're locked into the team you're on and it's a bit awkward trying to do miscellaneous things like that while in an ouro arc. 

Would love it if there was a way to get these two contacts to yes, offer the arcs - but also offer the other missions, much the same way the two mayhem and safeguard mission holders offer theirs. Give us a list, please. 

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Agree. Also, you can't get the Shrouded mission through Ouro until you're lvl 50. 

Uunderdog - Rad/Rad Scrapper | Uundertaker - Rad/Dark Corruptor | Uun - MA/Inv Scrapper | Uunison - Grav/Storm Controller | Uuncola - Ice/Temp Blaster | Uundergrowth - Plant/Martial Dominator | Uunstable - SR/Staff Tank

Uunreal - Fire/Time Corruptor | Uunrest - Dark/TA Blaster | Uunseen - Ill/Poison Controller | Uuncool - Cold/Beam Defender | Uunderground - Earth/Earth Dominator | Uunknown - Mind/Psi Dominator | Uunplugged - Stone/Elec Brute

Uunfair - Archery/TA Corruptor | Uunsung - DP/Ninja Blaster | Uunflammable - Fire/Nature Controller | Uunflappable - WM/WP Brute | Uundead - Dark/Dark Tank | Uunfit - Water/Martial Blaster  | Uunwrapped - Dark/Dark Dominator

Uunchill - Ice/Kinetics Corruptor | Uunpleasant - En/En Stalker | Uunbrella - Rad/Rad Sentinel | Uunsafari - Beasts/Traps MM | Uungnome - Nature/Seismic Defender | Uunsavory - Poson/Sonic Defender

Uunicycle - BS/Shield Scrapper | Uuntouchable - Ill/Time Controller | Uunferno - Fire/Fire Tank | Uunthinkable - Psi/SR Scrapper | Uuncivil - Thugs/Elec MM | Uunnatural - Ice/Savage Dominator | Uunshockable - Elec/Bio Sentinel

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